Ten Pitfalls You May Face When Renting in Loughborough

Renting in Loughborough

The town of Loughborough is a popular destination for students with a top-ranking University, bustling town centre and plenty of premium student housing available. However, it’s important to note that there are pitfalls which may arise in renting in this part of the UK. This article highlights ten of the most common ones, including things to look out for when viewing properties.

One of the most serious pitfalls to be aware of when renting Loughborough student accommodation is landlords raising rent without warning or justification. Whether this is due to inflation or a desire to increase profits, it can be extremely frustrating for tenants and their families. However, if you are a tenant of student property in Loughborough, there are steps which can be taken to combat this issue. The first thing to do is to always make sure that your landlord is a member of a recognised letting agent redress scheme, which you should be able to find on their website. This ensures that the landlord has to abide by a code of conduct which includes providing a fair and reasonable service, not hiding or concealing charges and not mistreating their tenants.

You should also make sure that you have read your tenancy agreement carefully and understand what responsibility you and your landlord share for maintenance and repairs on the property. If you are not clear on this, you can ask your landlord or their estate agents to clarify this for you. It is important to also remember that it is a legal requirement for your landlord to keep the property in a reasonable state of repair and fit for human habitation. This includes maintaining plumbing and electrical systems, ensuring fire safety equipment is working properly and keeping the gas and electricity meter readings up to date.

Ten Pitfalls You May Face When Renting in Loughborough

Aside from maintaining the property, you should always check with your landlord or their estate agents about what bills are included in your rental, as some tenancies include all of these, while others might only cover the heating and hot water. It’s also worth taking a reading of the gas, electricity and water meters as soon as you move in, to prevent any possible billing disputes.

Finally, when Loughborough student accommodation, it is advisable to abide by the local speed limit of 30 mph. This is particularly crucial during winter, when road conditions might be adversely affected by snow and ice.

Promoting sustainable transportation options within your student accommodation community can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Advocate for the availability of bike racks, bike-sharing programs, or secure storage areas for bicycles. Encourage the use of public transportation, carpooling, or walking as alternatives to driving alone. Organize initiatives such as “car-free” days or transportation challenges to promote sustainable commuting habits. By promoting sustainable transportation options, you contribute to a greener living environment and support the transition to more sustainable modes of transportation.

Loughborough is a thriving student town with a wide variety of restaurants, takeaways, pubs and bars. Its buzzing town centre is packed with student-friendly hotspots on Wards End Road and Granby Street, while its market places and independent boutiques serve up a diverse range of fashion and food choices. Those looking for the ultimate shopping experience can visit its Carillion Court and The Rushes, both of which feature a mix of high-street brands and local independent stores. For those who prefer a more laid back atmosphere, the town centre is well served by its quaint coffee shops and restaurants.