Shabby Chic Dressers: What’s Your Style – A French Country House or an English Country House?

Shabby chic sideboards and sideboards are a fantastic addition to any kitchen style, contemporary or vintage. The shabby chic style seems to have become very popular recently, as many home and design magazines feature this style regularly, and interior designers on television are using it for home remodeling!

If you like this style of furniture, it’s a great way to add some originality and individuality to your home, as most of the shabby chic sideboards you can buy are reused or recycled from antiques or second-hand sideboards.

Sideboards were first popular in the 17th century in Europe and during this period furniture was handcrafted and generally well made. Antique or vintage furniture was generally built to last and be strong. It is only in the last few years that we have become a nation of flat pack loving consumers!

If you want to get away from flimsy flat-pack furniture, but still find affordable furniture, upcycled or ‘pre-loved’ pieces are definitely the way to go. If you are looking for a particular dresser or sideboard, your choice may also be quite limited to older furniture, as while these items are definitely in fashion, they are fairly traditional pieces.

Many companies now make reproductions of French sideboards and shabby chic sideboards, but they somehow lack the character of original vintage pieces. They are also mass produced, so if you want something unique in your kitchen that none of your friends or neighbors will have, go for an antique or second-hand piece of furniture.

Second-hand sideboards and sideboards can also be painted in any color of your choice to match your kitchen or home interior, and make them even more unique to you. Once they’ve been painted, you can wear them down by sanding them for a really classy look.

People often refer to French farmhouse style or English country house style sideboards, but there are many different styles of antique sideboards, from many periods, and many different areas of Europe.

French-style shabby chic dressers tend to be highly decorative and elaborate, while English country-house dressers are simpler and often heavier in appearance. Whichever style you prefer, the choice is endless, as there are very few vintage dressers the same. Each one differs slightly due to being handcrafted rather than mass produced in the way reproductions are.

French and English sideboards were also made from different types of wood, and this can make a difference in their appearance. Some later sideboards have glazed panels, and some only have shelves, which were originally for displaying dishes and porcelain. Today, sideboards are used for many different functions, rather than just display cabinets.

Instead of having a fitted kitchen, a painted sideboard or shabby chic sideboard can be a wonderful addition to a French farmhouse-style custom kitchen with freestanding units.

Custom kitchens often represent the ultimate in luxury and style, but you too can have one without spending a fortune. Shabby chic is the perfect style to choose to create your own custom kitchen with affordable furnishings, including an antique or vintage dresser or dresser.

Whichever style you choose – French, English, farmhouse, or unique chic – a good quality, recycled, painted dresser can be the perfect addition to your home, and there are plenty of options available now if you look closely enough.