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Mobility Aids and Equipment – Can Physiotherapy East Sheen Help?

Can Physiotherapy East Sheen Help

Having access to the right health equipment and aids is crucial when it comes to living with a disability or a permanent mobility issue. It can help you to manage certain tasks at home or in a public place, and it can also improve your quality of life. There are many different types of mobility aids, including walkers, canes, and crutches. If you’re considering using one of these products, it is advisable to visit your doctor for an assessment first. They will be able to recommend the best product based on your specific requirements and lifestyle.

The majority of individuals who use mobility aids benefit from having a better quality of life and the ability to perform regular activities that they wouldn’t be able to do without them. These individuals may include older adults, individuals who have undergone amputations or are recovering from surgery. However, it’s important to note that improper or excessive use of mobility aids can lead to injuries and further complications. For example, people who use underarm crutches for extended periods of time can develop a condition known as crutch paralysis, which occurs when excess pressure is exerted on nerves in the armpit. Similarly, those who use crutches can develop a pain in the wrist known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Mobility aids are also used by those with developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, to help them achieve a greater level of independence and comfort. These include special walkers and wheelchairs, which offer stability and support to those who have a temporary or long-term mobility issue. They can also be useful for those who have chronic conditions such as gout, diabetes, or heart or lung problems, who may need additional support to move around easily.

Mobility Aids and Equipment – Can Physiotherapy East Sheen Help?

A physiotherapist can diagnose neural, muscular or joint issues and offer manual therapy and education to resolve these issues and prevent their recurrence. This could include acupuncture, mobilisation, manipulation, electrotherapy (ultrasound and interferential) and exercise based programmes. It is also important to note that some injuries are a result of poor posture or movement patterns, and a physiotherapist can assist with these.

Zubin established Sheen Physiotherapy Centre over six years ago with a focus on Osteopathic treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and the Perrin Technique for M.E and chronic fatigue. He has since expanded to include a wide range of holistic therapies, including Counselling and Psychotherapy with two highly qualified and accredited therapists and Yoga & Pilates classes for all abilities.

Mark Edgar spent 15 years as part of the team that turned British rowers into world beaters, but he’s also busy keeping the local population mobile and pain free. He and his wife Stephanie work together at Physiotherapy East Sheen, the practice they set up in Sheen Lane over a decade ago. They provide expert treatment for sports injuries and pain, as well as offering massage and education on healthy backs and necks. They believe a balanced body leads to improved performance and less pain.