When things look depressing, live your life one day at a time

Slow down and reevaluate your priorities

How do you manage right now? What are your main concerns? How are you coping? Even though we live in difficult times, it is important that we communicate with ourselves regularly. People cope in different ways, some better under stressful conditions, while others internalize their stress. We must deal with what is affecting us, rather than repeating the patterns of the past. While the pandemic may seem bleak right now, it doesn’t mean it will be permanent. Humanity has faced many challenges throughout history.

Unfortunately, many people will succumb to the virus and their family and friends will be affected. It is tragic when people lose their lives due to a disease beyond their control. But we should not live in a constant state of fear because what we think can happen. We must focus on taking the smallest step to ensure our dreams and the best future. Life will get better, there are no two ways to do it. We have experienced these challenges before and will overcome them again.

At times like this, our attitude determines our altitude; how high we rise above our challenges. It is how we respond in times of crisis that determines whether we remain stagnant or seek positive solutions. Man’s greatest discoveries were made during some of the darkest periods in human history. Humanity is resilient and can overcome any challenge in life with the right mindset and attitude. Knowing this, what actions could you take to deal with your concerns? Does it involve paying attention to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being? Perhaps it requires less interaction with social media and the news, or communicating with friends and loved ones more often?

When we take each day as it comes, we become present in the moment, instead of waiting for a future that may not come as we expect. I have a feeling that this pandemic is teaching us to slow down and re-evaluate our priorities. It invites us to appreciate the importance of family, friendships, purpose, and life in the present moment. Being rooted in the now helps us anchor ourselves to our experience of the present moment. It reduces the stress of living in the future and we are grateful for every moment that we are alive. So when things look bleak, we should live one day at a time and savor what we have.

Live each day as if it were a precious gift

Does it make sense that running from one day to the next doesn’t give you peace of mind? It only compounds the stress experienced before the pandemic. In a recent video blog titled: Even though the world will never be the same again, you can still find a new normal, I outline five ways to find a new normal in the future. I explain that we are invited to create a new paradigm for our future, rather than bringing the old one with us. This will mean letting go of how the future should be and allowing life to fill us with: peace, harmony, cooperation and togetherness. We must think differently about how we live, otherwise we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. As you know, this pandemic has ruined many lives and businesses, not to mention the financial burden on world economies.

So let’s be on guard and learn the lessons instead of blaming others for the way things are. Yes, we are all in this together because our choices impact others. For example, not wearing a mask in public can have a devastating effect on thousands of people. This is an opportunity to look at ourselves and examine our motives, to see if they are aligned with a new world that is entering. So what are you paying attention to right now? What do you hope to create in the future? What do you want to see in the months and years to come? Start where you are now and live each day as a precious gift, instead of regretting how things should get back to normal. The normal we once knew was not working, so life is giving us the opportunity to write a new script.

Savor every moment because life has a way of turning in the blink of an eye. Take an inventory of your life, regardless of your age, and decide how you would like the world to be. Your actions have a ripple effect, in ways you can never imagine. Act locally but think globally, the saying goes. So after you finish reading this article, go back to the questions at the beginning and answer them to the best of your ability. See yourself regularly and optimize your mental and emotional well-being. After all, when things seem bleak, living one day at a time opens up endless opportunities you may not have seen before.