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What should you look for in a Maui fire lawyer?

Maui fire lawyer

When a fire damages your property, it can be devastating. In addition to being physically destroyed, you may lose valuable possessions and memories. You might also be displaced from your home or business. When this happens, it’s important to have a fire lawyer on your side. A good Maui fire lawyers can help you recover compensation for your losses. They can also help you navigate the complicated insurance claim process. They can even help you file a lawsuit if necessary.

If you’ve suffered damage and loss in the August 2023 Maui wildfires, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Our teams can help you recover your losses related to evacuation costs, property damage, lost revenue and other losses. We will be able to assess your case for free and can advise you on the best course of action.

The calamity that befell the historic seaside town of Lahaina is an unimaginable tragedy that caused the deaths of at least 100 people and ruined thousands of acres. The fires were fueled by a mix of dry conditions, high winds from Hurricane Dora and downed power lines that dangled from utility poles. But it is increasingly apparent that the fires could have been prevented.

What should you look for in a Maui fire lawyer?

A major fire started when a utility line broke down, and the Maui Electric Company did not have a procedure in place to shut off its grid during extreme weather. This practice is common in California and other fire-prone states, and would have prevented many of the blazes that killed and injured people and destroyed their homes.

Hawaiian Electric fire lawyers

After the 2017 North Bay and 2018 Camp fires, big out-of-town law firms flooded Sonoma, Napa and Butte counties, signing up fire victims by the tens of thousands and taking their electric utilities to court. Some of those same firms have now landed in Maui, where they are soliciting residents by using billboards and radio spots that feature state senator Gil Keith-Agaran.

While these advertisements aren’t against the law, they raise some concerns. For one, using the senator’s picture in a commercial may violate state ethics laws. Additionally, there are concerns that the firm’s work for the clients could conflict with his legislative responsibilities in the future.

The lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen are already actively involved in and closely following the Maui wildfires. They have extensive experience with Hawaii fire litigation, including a seven-figure settlement of a wrongful death suit arising from a wildfire in Waimea and multiple six-figure settlements for consumers burned by faulty appliances.

Our teams are working with other legal firms in Hawaii to represent local residents impacted by the Maui wildfires. Our partners have decades of combined experience representing people who are seeking justice and redress against corporate negligence and government malfeasance. Our team members know Hawaii courts, local values and culture, government systems and insolvency issues. They are not afraid to take on the big money interests, and have recovered billions of dollars for their clients.