Tips For Keeping Toenail Fungus From Returning

Toenail Fungus From Returning

Preventing fungal toenails is easier than you might think. In fact, there are several simple precautions you can take to prevent the fungus from reoccurring. The first step is to avoid the environment that fungi love, such as locker rooms, gyms, and public showers. These environments are known to harbor fungi. Avoid walking in the same pair of shoes for at least two weeks, and wear foot protection.

Changing shoes frequently. This is one of the best tips for keeping toenail fungus from recurring. If you wear the same shoes for a long time, they may still harbor traces of fungus. The longer these shoes stay on your feet, the higher your risk of re-infection. Throw away old shoes. Purchasing new shoes is the best way to prevent re-infection.

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Avoid wearing tight or ratty shoes. The fungus cannot survive in an acidic environment, so you must buy new shoes regularly. You should also stop biting or chewing your nails. You should also stop using these footwear until the infection has been cleared. This is one of the most important tips for preventing fungal toenails from reoccurring. And remember, a little self-care goes a long way in curing this condition.

Tips For Keeping Toenail Fungus From Returning

If you already have toenail fungus, you should consider wearing protective footwear whenever you go out. It is better to wear a shower shoe if you want to avoid exposure to water. Moreover, you should avoid walking around in shoes that have been infected. The fungus can live for a long time in such footwear. This can greatly increase the risk of re-infection. Besides, you should also throw away old shoes after wearing them for some time. Instead of purchasing new shoes, you should discard them.

Avoid sweaty shoes and socks. These may harbor fungi. The fungi may jump from one nail to another, causing a fungal toenail. However, it is important to wear shoes that are free of sweat. If you do, you should buy a new pair of shoes as soon as possible. It is also important to keep in mind that stubbed toes can open up the bed of your toenails.

Using new shoes is the best way to prevent the fungus from coming back. You should also avoid wearing old shoes if they are too worn or too old. It is important to wear new shoes if you have to walk a lot. This will help protect your feet from any future infections. If you have had toenail fungus in the past, you should throw away the affected ones.