Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy Ghostwriting Cash Course Review – Part 1

As an internet marketer, I like to review the courses and products that I have implemented. In this case, I’m happy to review Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy’s Ghostwriting Cash Course!

This review, like the ones that follow, will not have a couple of bullet points and some copy-paste content. Instead, I intend to review it completely and tell you what I liked, what worked for me, what I didn’t like, what I didn’t like, and what could be improved. In my own arrogant opinion, that is!

I have bought too many courses based on ridiculously sparse reviews and yes, I was disappointed! Call it the “learning curve” or anything else, but it comes with a hefty price tag, so if this review can be of use to anyone looking for a reliable course from a reputable internet marketer, I’ll be a fan! happy bunny!

Who are the creators of the course?

Yes, I said creators because there are two of them, so before we get into the content itself, just a few words about the two people behind the course. There’s Tiffany Dow, who has been working as an internet marketer for quite a few years, if my memory is correct, since 1999, and has become a real authority, more than a guru by the way (sorry but guru sounds wrong and I’m I am sure she will agree with me even though I am not her biographer).

She began her online career as a ghostwriter after stumbling upon a freelance site called Elance. She explains it fully in her introductory video, which you can watch on her sales page. Fast forward a few years and there she is, offering a great course called Ghostwriting Cash.

This short video introduction shows you that Tiffany is a real person, working from home and earning money by working, writing, and blogging. You won’t hear her tell you that by tomorrow, an unexpected $10,000 dollars would have hit your bank account by noon if you bought the course from her! It’s no accident and that’s what you call being ethical!

Craig Desorcy is also part of the course and I believe he has also been working online for many years. In the course, he will teach you how to set up your own ghostwriting website among other things and to be honest; this is probably one of the main reasons I bought the course. I’m so technophobic; I couldn’t have done it without his help. More on Craig and some of the bonuses he offers in the course later. And yes, it’s worth it!

Ok, let’s dive right in!

The sales page review and what made me buy the course…

I was looking to set up a ghostwriting site and use my writing skills to supplement my affiliate earnings, which weren’t very high at the time. What happens when you start niche marketing sites, which is what I was doing back then, is that the commissions don’t come right away and it can be very frustrating. Many people throw in the towel and say goodbye to their online marketing dreams, and clearly, I didn’t want this to happen to me.

Ghostwriting Cash was recommended to me by someone I made friends with at the Warrior Forum. He had little presence there at the time and was looking for some course that would teach me how to get started. My main concern was finding someone with a lot of experience. In addition, he was looking for honesty and ethics.

Enter Tiffany and Craig…

My first impression of the sales page was quite good. You’re greeted by a video from Tiffany Dow herself, explaining clearly and without the usual hype that the course is designed to help you get started with ghostwriting while building your online presence and other sources of income, if that’s what you want. do. race. On the other hand, the course is also perfect for those who want to establish themselves as full-time ghost writers.

The sales page layout is crystal clear, and there are no BIG, BOLD HEADINGS to tell you you’ve landed on planet “money”! Nerd! The sales page is concise and, truth be told, Tiffany explains what her course is about so well that she could do without reading the rest of the page. Do it though, because there is some good content on her take on the industry and how she managed to become the most successful ghostwriter on Elance.

By the way, don’t brag, just show that it’s possible to do it, if you want! She also gives insight into what really goes on behind the scenes of “internet marketing” with all the gurus and this is interesting. In fact, it is one of the pillars of the course. How To Get The Respect You Deserve From The Industry!

Of course, there are testimonials, and while I’m usually very wary of these “back scratching” comments from internet marketers (you write something nice for me and I’ll do the same for you), hers seems genuine. In fact, these are excerpts from the comments section of their website (I know because it’s from WordPress, so I did some research again, just in case).

And, I don’t see any reason why I would fake them anyway. There are also audio and video commentaries, which I encourage you to watch and listen to. They are very insightful.

Oh, and by the way, you won’t find any big screenshots of your earnings here, which really is a huge relief from the usual flashy, spammy sales pages that look more like the International Monetary Fund’s bank account than the someone’s little paypal statement. .

So my first impression was very good and the video where Tiffany explained the many reasons why ghostwriting can and will make you real money was just what I needed!

When you get to the bottom of the page, you will find a list of the main specifications of the course. It’s a helpful 16 bullet point list of what you can really expect from the Cash Ghostwriting Course; what will be taught, chapter by chapter.

Since the list gives you a great idea of ​​what awaits you, I advise you to take your time and read it carefully. One of my favorite things was the “Real Examples of Winning Offers” used by herself on Elance that she promises to review. And she does! You will see for yourself!

Finally, the sales page also features Craig Desorcy’s audio and video listing. What’s cool about this, and you’ll find out in depth if he decides to go ahead and buy the product, is the casual chat that Craig has with one of his students, Greg Scott.

They both discuss the business of ghostwriting and again the chat is very honest and gives you the feeling that they are both genuine characters and GET a living as ghost writers.

Last but not least, customer service is what customer service should be. Blank spot! I emailed both Tiffany and Craig and received detailed responses within 24 hours.

This is another good indication when looking to find out if a product is worth buying. Some product owners don’t bother to respond and prefer to send a canned response, when they bother to, of course!

That’s not Tiffany or Craig’s style, but that doesn’t mean you should write to them every day! I don’t want any trouble, okay guys? It’s nice to know the package is complete and what you see is what you get.

Well, to wrap up Part 1 of The Ghostwriting Cash Review, I’d like to talk about the buying process right away. I think it’s appropriate since I’m reviewing the sales page. The purchase process is very easy.

It’s a normal online payment process, so you can use PayPal or your credit card. You have 60 days to try the course and if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get a 100% refund.

Now, as explained, I just wanted to cover this part as I find the sales pages interesting and very revealing. I wanted to give my very positive impressions on it so that you can go ahead and read the next parts of my reviews in the coming days.

In the next chapters of this review, I will discuss what is inside the course and, more precisely, the structure of the course and the different modules.