PS2 games for kids: fun for 2009

If you are looking for kids games on a PS2 (Playstation 2) platform, there are Quite many to choose from, but not all are really kid-friendly, or kids just might not think they’re fun!

Here’s a list of the best PS2 games for kids of 2009, all of which are appropriate (rated E or E 10) and highly rated for their “fun”:

1. Wall-E for PS2 – This is no a great game for kids who are experienced players (they may find it boring), but it’s a Excellent option for younger and less experienced children who are just starting out. Of course, this game is based on the movie “Wall-E”, with familiar settings from the movie. It’s basically a “point and shoot” game, and it’s also good for fun. This is the first in the list of the most popular (appropriate) games for children.

2. Katamari Damacy for PS2 – This is a game that “out of nowhere” became popular, originally being popular in Japan. The object of the game is to “save the skies” by rolling a ball of everyday objects on the ground; the ball eventually turns into a monstrous monstrosity. The game is hilarious!

3. Lego Indiana Jones the original adventures for PS2 – This is a game based on all the original Indiana Jones movies – when you advance to a new level, a new movie theme starts. Not only is it fun and challenging, but it is also quite fun.

4. Disney Pixar Cars for PS2 – The characters in this game are as good as the ones in the movie. Of course, the game is based on a racing theme with 30 minigames to play as well. The games can be played in single player or multiplayer mode.

5. Kingdom Hearts for PS2 – This is probably the most unusual game in the lineup, with a complete mix of Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters. These characters together fight against enemies, the main character is called “Sora”. (I personally recommend this game for children over 10 years old rather than very young children.)

So if you’re looking at what games would be good for your kids, or you’re looking for PS2 games for kids and you’re not sure what to buy, the above games are most likely a hit with kids, and they aren’t. have some inappropriate “surprise” accompanying them.