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List of computer viruses: from A to D

As computer owners, one of the main things we worry about is viruses. A computer virus is a type of computer program that copies itself and infects a computer. A virus spreads from one computer to another when the virus host is carried to the target computer; Examples of this are when a user sends the virus over the Internet, when it is transferred using a removable device such as a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB drive.

The word “virus” is commonly used to describe other types of Malware, Adware, and Spyware programs that do not have the reproducibility of a “real” virus. The possibility of spreading viruses to other computers is increased when another computer accesses infected files on a network file system or file system.

Here is a list of common AD viruses:

IN: A and A, A-403, Abraxas, Acid, Acme, ABC, Actifed, Ada, Agena, AGI-Plan, Ah, AI, AIDS, AIDSII, AirCop, Ajax, Alabama, Alcon, Alien, Ambulance, Amstrad, Ancient, Andre, Andre2, Andromeda, Angelina, Anna, Anna Kournikova, Anninja, ANT, Ant-Cow, Anthrax – Boot, Anthrax, – File, ANTI, AntiCMOS, Anti-D, Anti-Daf, Anti-MIT, Anti-Pascal II , Anti-Pascal, Anti-Tel, Anti-Telefonica, Arabic, Aragon, Aragorn, ARCV-n

B: B Ugly, B3, B-52, BA101, Back Time, Bad Boy, Bad Brains, Bad Command, Bad Guy, Bad Sectors 1.2, Bad-389, Bak, Bamestra, Banana, Bandit, Baobab 731, Barcelona, ​​Bars 2, Bars, Basil, Bat, Beaches, Beast, BeBe, Beeper, Beer, Benoit, Real PvP, Flava, Berlin, Best wishes, Beta, Beva-32, Beva-33, Beva-96, Watch out, BFD, Big 2000, Bit Addict, Black Knight, Black Monday, Blackjack, Blaze, Bljec, Blood Lust, Blood Rage, Blood, Blood-2, Bob, Bomber, Boot Killer, Bouncing Dot, Bow, Boys, Brainy, BrO_AcT, Brotherhood, Brothers , Browser, Bryansk, Bubbles 2, Bubbles, Bubonic, Budo, Burger, Burghofer, Busted, Butterfly, Butthole, Byte Bandit, Byte Warrior(c), Brain

VS: Cabins, Caco-Daemon, CAD Kill, CAD, Cannabis, Cansu, Capital, Cara, Caribe, Carioca, CaroEvil, Cartuja, Casc1621, Casc-2, Cascade, Cascade/170x, Casino, Casper, Casteggio, Catman, Catphish, Caz , CB-1530, CD, CDEF, CDFL Mac, CD-10, Century, Cerburus, CFSK, Chad, Chang, Chaos, Chaser, Chcc, Cheeba, Cheesy, Chemist, Chemnitz, Chernobyl, Chile Mediera, Chinese Blood, Chr- 869, Chrisj13, Christmas Tree, Christmas Violator, CIH, Cinderella, Civil Service, Civil War II, Civil War III, Civil War IV, Civil War V, Civil War, CkSum, Clagger, Clint, Clonewar 2, Clonewar, Clust, Coahuila , CODE 1, CODE 252, Code Zero, Cafe, Collor de Mello, Color, Com16850, Com2S, Comdex, Commenter, Commwarrior, As, Compiler2, Comspec, Conficker, Cop-Mpl, Copyright, Copyr-ug, Coruna, Coruna3, Cossiga No, Grazie, Cossiga, Costeau, CPXK, Cracker Jack, Cracky, Crash, Crasher, Crazy Eddie, Crazy Imp, CrazyI B, CRF, Cross Over, CSL, CV4

D: D1, DKid, Dada, Damage, Danny, Dark Apocalypse, Dark Avenger, Dark End, DataLock, Data, Davis, D-Day, Death, Deceide 2, Dedicated, Deicide, Demolition, Demon, Den Zuk, Dennis, Deranged, Diablo , Dial, Dima, Disk Killer, Dismember, Dodgy 1024, Dodo 2456, Dodo, Doodle, Dorn, Dose-A, Druid, Dudley, Dutch Tiny, Dutch

As you can see, the number of viruses is large and varies from a number of visible and imperceptible names. Keeping your computer secure is imperative today, especially when you are a business owner. With Corporate Training Solutions, your employees or IT department can receive security education on how to prevent or work with these viruses. Don’t lose all your information to a virus at a time when information technology is in high demand, get corporate learning solutions today!