How to Get Your Boyfriend Back With a Cocaine Santa Sweater

Cocaine Santa Sweater

Have you ever tried putting a Santa sweater on someone who is a drug abuser, a sex addict or a thief? Most of us have! The point of the Santa sweater is to bring a smile to the face of the person who is wearing it. It’s a simple gesture that can change a life and change the way we think about those who are bad.

We tend to forgive people who are into illegal drugs. But we don’t hesitate to jail drug dealers, if they’re caught with massive quantities of them. The same goes for people who rob stores and are on the run because they have too much money!

We buy all sorts of gifts and accessories for the “perfect person.” But we don’t give the kind of attention and caring that would be appropriate for such a gift to someone we consider to be ourselves. When a Santa Claus is in our house we pamper him every year, we put up decorations and nice food, but we probably never think of him too much. That’s the danger of giving a Santa with a gift – it leaves the person we are buying for thinking about us instead of him.

How to Get Your Boyfriend Back With a Cocaine Santa Sweater

People do get high thinking about getting a cocaine Santa sweater as a gift. They may not do it on a regular basis, but when the moment comes they might be glad that they got you. He will certainly be appreciative! When you leave the store with the “gift” your recipient will probably start complaining and crying, “I didn’t know I could get a cocaine gift this year!” The last thing you want to do is send him some crack pipe. That would be too easy.

If you decide to go down this route you should be prepared to explain to the person what the gift is all about and why he should feel honored to have it. If he is truly sorry for his past behavior, then you can get him to do whatever it takes to change his life. You must be sincere about it, or he might think it’s a lame trick. But it is a sincere gesture.

I hope you are able to use this method to get your man back, but realize that it isn’t the easiest way to fix things. It can take a lot of effort on your part, and most likely some changes in his life as well. But at least you’ll be sure that he won’t ever think of you as a gift again! And who knows, if he is ready for another Christmas with you, he might just need a little help with the house work and maintenance, too! Good luck!