How to Apply for Gazette Notification for Name Change in Mumbai

Gazette Notification for Name Change in Mumbai

A Gazette is a government document which can be used to change or correct the name on any document. It is very important to have a clear, legal name on all your documents for various reasons. Changing your name or making corrections in any document is very simple and fast when you apply for Gazette notification. The process can be done offline as well as online for the citizens of Maharashtra. There are 3 steps that you need to follow to complete the whole procedure.

The first step is preparing an affidavit for your name change gazette notification. This is a legal document that contains all the details of your old and new names along with the reason for your change. This affidavit has to be notarized and signed by two witnesses. It should also contain a photocopy of your valid identity proof and address proof.

Once your affidavit is ready, the next step is to publish it in the newspaper. This has to be done for two newspapers – one in the regional language Hindi and another in English. Before publishing the ad, it is always better to cross check if all the details mentioned in the ad are accurate and proper. Even a minor mistake can ruin your entire procedure.

How to Apply for Gazette Notification for Name Change in Mumbai

After publishing the ad in the newspaper, the final step is to get your name changed in the government records by filing an application at the Gazette office. The documents required for this include a proof of identity and address, an application form, an affidavit, and the ad published in the newspaper. The proof of identity should be a driving license or passport and the address proof should be ration card or a utility bill. The affidavit should contain all the information about your name change, such as the reason for the change, the new name, and the date of the application.

There are many reasons for a person to change his or her name in Maharashtra. These can be a result of marriage, divorce, political reason, astrological reason, or for any other reason. Moreover, you can also get the change in religion in gazette for a document. It is also possible to change your name after retirement.

The name change in Gazette can be done for both state and central level governments. The change is necessary for getting the new name on all official documents like PAN, Aadhar, Ration Card, Marksheets etc. The new name should be mentioned in the advertisement of the local newspaper. A letter from the local magistrate is required for the change in the name to be effective. Changing the name in Gazette is also mandatory for some passport-related issues like a change in nationality, residence, or age of a person. The name is very important as it is the identity of a person and hence, it is very important that it is not misused in any manner by anyone.

Gazette is a government document issued by the concern authority for regularizing the mistakes in documents or records and for other reason.