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Choosing Between Senior Home Care Services and Nursing Homes

Deciding whether home care services for the elderly or a nursing home is the right choice for your loved one is important when considering the best type and amount of care. Both senior care options have their advantages and disadvantages. Cost is often a deciding factor, but so is the level of care needed.

According to US News & World Report, while nursing home costs have continued to rise in recent years, home care costs have remained flat. This is good news for families whose elderly loved one needs regular assistance but not 24-hour nursing care. Home care services for the elderly are charged by the hour and only provide the services your loved one needs. This keeps costs down compared to the much higher annual costs of nursing homes, especially when you consider the fact that many seniors do not actually require 24-hour nursing home care.

When choosing between home care services for the elderly or a nursing facility, most seniors say they would prefer to be independent and live in their own homes while they can. Home care agencies make it possible for seniors to maintain a better quality of life while receiving the type of personalized home care they need.

Home Care Services for the Elderly vs. Nursing Homes: What’s Best for Your Loved One?

Factors to consider when weighing the pros and cons of nursing home and nursing facility services include:

• Health: The physical and mental health conditions of the elderly are the most critical factors. If he or she needs skilled nursing care every day, a nursing home may be the best option. However, if he or she is relatively healthy and needs help with daily tasks such as bathing, toileting, hygiene, shopping, cooking, and medication management, home care is a better option.

• Quality of care: Generally speaking, your elderly loved one will receive the same high-quality care, regardless of whether it is provided by a senior home care agency or nursing home. However, you should do extensive research and interviews with home care agencies and nursing homes alike. Each will offer different services, benefits, conveniences and activities.

• Cost of care: Unless money is not an option, the cost of care is always a deciding factor when making these difficult decisions. Nursing facilities can be very expensive, and while Medicare may cover some of the costs of nursing homes, home care services for the elderly are almost always more affordable.

• Quality of life: Unless the senior is bedridden and requires regular nursing care, most people agree that their loved one will benefit most from senior home care because they can still live in home surrounded by family and friends.

These are some of the many factors to consider when choosing between senior home care services and nursing homes. Since these are critical decisions you’ll need to make as your elderly loved one ages, it’s important to talk to professionals about the benefits of both types of care. Evaluate your options and learn more about the type, quality and costs of care by visiting or by calling 877.422.2270.