Camfil Canada Offers School Air Filtration Quality Experts

Camfil Canada Offers School Air Filtration

Camfil Canada is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial air filtration systems. These systems increase worker productivity, reduce energy usage, and benefit human health and the environment. The company’s corporate office is in Riverdale, New Jersey, across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan. The city is also adjacent to Ellis Island, the site of the Statue of Liberty. The company’s product portfolio includes air filtration solutions for a wide variety of industries and communities.

In order to help schools in Ontario improve the quality of air in their schools, Camfil Canada has released a case study of a school district in the Mid-Atlantic. The study provided a detailed look into how the company helped the school district improve its indoor air quality and saved millions of dollars. Moreover, the case study includes information on the benefits of breathing clean air in schools.

Rated Best School Air Purifier Experts from Camfil Explaining City M Air Purifier Video & Mid-Atlantic Schools Case Study

The Camfil Insight portal is the definitive resource for the company’s industry knowledge, company projects, and customer testimonials. The expert’s background in the field includes working for CBS Radio in New York, designing and implementing internal SharePoint sites. She has a great understanding of air quality in schools. In addition to this, she has a wealth of experience in the field of indoor air filtration.

Camfil Canada Offers School Air Filtration Quality Experts

In addition to school air filtration, Camfil Canada also offers an educational air filtration solution for schools in Ontario. The company has worked with a local Mid-Atlantic school district to improve indoor air quality in the region’s schools. It has been committed to improving the quality of indoor air for over 50 years. You can read the case study and learn more about how Camfil Canada is helping students breathe cleaner air.

While the Camfil Insight portal is the definitive resource for the industry, the company’s school air filter experts have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Their team has conducted studies to determine whether the air in a classroom can be contaminated with harmful particles. They have also conducted a study with a Mid-Atlantic school district to test the impact of the filters on student health.

The Camfil Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company operates 33 manufacturing and six R&D centers worldwide. They employ more than 4,000 people and serve a variety of industries and communities. Among its many products, the School Air Filtration Experts feature HEPA and MERV13 filters to protect against the spread of germs and viruses. Using air filters in a school’s classroom can improve a student’s life.