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Apply the ancient art of Feng Shui for good wealth, prosperity and health

In the study of feng shui, the main entrance is considered the mouth where external qi enters and flows to the rest of the house. The front door, design, shape and size of the front door is believed to have a significant impact on the luck, wealth and general well-being of the family.

In selecting the iron gate for the main gate, the use of arrow or spear designs should be avoided. Sharp structures will create destructive energy that will bring health problems to the family.

Based on the principle of good feng shui design, the size and design of the front door should match the perspective and floor area of ​​your home. Ideally, the front door should also have an auspicious size as dictated by the feng shui rule. For example, a large house with a small entrance will restrict qi from entering the house, affecting the luck and wealth of the occupants.

The front door should open to a bright open area to invite yang qi (life force) into the house. A front door that opens into a wall will restrict sunlight and will not provide a flowing path for qi to enter the house.

The front door should not form a straight path with the back door. Qi entering the house will be channeled through the back door without having enough time to circulate through the house. A quick outflow of qi will damage the finances of the occupants. They tend to have difficulty accumulating wealth or saving their income.

Avoid cluttering the entryway with obstructive objects (such as old newspapers, toys, or large cabinets). Unnecessary objects or furniture will block the flow of qi into the house, thus affecting the fate of the occupants.

It is inauspicious to see the bathroom door when entering the house. Bad vibes from the bathroom will rush towards the front door causing health problems and bad luck.


Living room

The living room is both a leisure area and a place for the family to entertain their guests. The living room should provide a warm, relaxing and cozy feeling for one to settle down after a day’s work to read newspapers or watch TV. Good furniture arrangement, proper lighting and color scheme will improve the flow of qi and create a cozy atmosphere in the house. This, in turn, will bring a stream of good fortune and opportunity from friends, colleagues, bosses, or business associates.

It is unfavorable to sit under the downward pressure of the ceiling columns and to place the sofa without the support of a wall.

Cluttering the living room with unnecessary furniture or possessions (such as toys, cabinets, old newspapers, and documents) will restrict the flow of qi.

Ideally, the sofa seating arrangement should be supported by a solid wall and should have a clear view of the front door.

Decorating the house with old figurines will increase the Yin qi in your home. Antique figurines unearthed from ancient sites tend to carry the energy of their previous owners and can attract spirits.

Avoid placing too many empty vases in the house. The empty vase is known as kong ping in Chinese, which sounds like poverty.



On average, a person spends about a third of their time resting in bed. As the bedroom is a sanctuary where one rejuvenates and nurtures the body’s energy, the location and front of the bed will affect the quality of sleep, which in turn will affect the health and luck of those who sleep there.

Allowing some morning sun in bed will energize your qi, which in turn promotes good health and relationships.

Avoid bedrooms that have an irregular shape. Missing corners or pillars with sharp edges that tend to create destructive energy.

The bed should always be placed against a solid wall or use a headboard for support.

Avoid having too many open shelves in the bedroom. Open shelves resemble a knife edge and need to be covered with doors

Sleeping under a spinning ceiling fan or a pointed ceiling light tends to radiate negative vibes that will affect your health.

Position your bed carefully, as it is inauspicious to overlook the toilet bowl. The bad smell and the water vapor rushing towards the direction of the bed would bring health problems and bad luck.

Sleeping under exposed beams or overhanging cabinets should be avoided. The exertion of downward pressure on the head will cause nightmares and headaches.

Placing sharp objects (such as swords or scissors) under the bed is a feng shui taboo, which will bring a series of misfortunes.

Avoid sleeping with your head in line with the bedroom door. The rushing qi from the door will interrupt your sleep causing restlessness.

The human body is most vulnerable when one is asleep. Sleeping next to a full length mirror will deflect human qi. At night, one can also be frightened by one’s own reflection.

Avoid placing a TV or computer in the bedroom. Prolonged exposure to the electromagnetic field emitted by electrical appliances is harmful to health.

Avoid placing the bed directly behind the toilet, stove and air conditioning compressor, which will generate negative energy that will disturb sleep and health.



In feng shui, the kitchen is an important area that governs health, finances, and parenting. Since food is usually prepared in the kitchen, the placement and front of the kitchen stove will directly impact the health of the family. “Health is wealth.”

It is a Chinese custom for the family to pray to the God of the Stove during the Chinese Lunar New Year season. The Chinese believed that by making offerings of sticky sweet desserts to the God of the Stove, he would be unable to speak about the family’s misdeeds in heaven.

Placing the stove without the wall support will cause its qi to disperse and looking at the stove directly in front of the faucet will result in a clash between the elements of water and fire.

The kitchen stove should not be visible from the front door or directly opposite the toilet, which means financial losses.

For safety reasons, you should avoid locating the sink in the vicinity of the kitchen. The conflicting elements of fire and water tend to cause frequent fights and financial problems.

The kitchen stove should not be installed under a high beam, which tends to affect the health of the female occupants.

It is not auspicious to chop food or drop cooking utensils on the stove. Always keep kitchen stove burners clean and in good working order.