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Your Puggle’s first night in his new home

So you’ve brought your new Puggle home for the first time. Hopefully after a few hours at home you feel more comfortable. But night comes too soon and your puppies’ sleeping arrangements must be in place. While all puppies need special care during the first few nights in their new home, there are some special Puggle problems to be aware of.

o Your Puggle is a very affectionate dog and loves to be around people. He will be happier and more secure if he can sleep with you in your bed. Until now he was used to having his mother and brothers at night. But is this a good idea? Some breeders feel that for social dogs like the Puggle, it is a good idea to let them sleep in their bed for the first few days until they feel safe in their new environment. Others feel that this is a bad habit that should not be encouraged, not even on the first day. Basically, it is your decision. But whatever you decide, stick with it. Changing the system will confuse any pup. This will be more true in the case of a Puggle who loves human company.

o If you are not going to let your Puggle sleep with you, the best option is to sue a cage.

o After placing the puppy in the crate and closing the door, keep the light on and sit close to him for a while until his comfort level increases.

o Put the box near his bed so you can talk to him if he cries at night. If necessary, get up and talk comforting once or twice, but don’t make it a habit or your Puggle puppy will start demanding it every night.

o The boxes will help your Puggle to break into the house, as dogs do not like to make a mess where they sleep.

o Puppies tend to overeat and Puggles are more prone to this than other breeds. Take away food and water before going to bed. What goes in has to come out and puppies have little bladder control.

o Play with your Puggle puppy until he starts to get very tired. Be careful not to tire him too much, because then he may become restless and have trouble falling asleep.

o Take the puppy for a walk before bed. He won’t be tamed yet, unless the person you bought him from has, so it’s not sure if he “goes away” or not.

o Even if it “goes away,” remember that puppies only have limited bladder control when they are very young, so be prepared if you have to clean up.

o If your dog is sleeping in the morning when you wake up, don’t wake him up. You will wake up only when you hear it move.

o As soon as he wakes up, give your Puggle a hug and pat and take him out or show him the old newspapers. A puppy may not realize how much he needs to “go” until it is too late. Get in the habit from day one.

Acclimating your Puggle to its new home is not a housebreaking, but it is just as important.