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Your Arrival at the Basic Training Reception Battalion

Many future soldiers make the mistake that as soon as they get to basic training they’ll get into the action of blowing things up, shooting things and doing missions like they’ve seen in Hollywood movies like Full Metal Jacket. Let’s not exactly happen like that.

Once a recruit reaches basic training, they will not begin any physical training. No physical exercises, no missions, and nothing more than pushing paperwork! You will be sent to the Receiving Battalion to deliver your personal and financial records that they have received from the Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS). If you arrive late (midnight or 1 am), please expect no rest because processing starts at 05:00 until the end of the day.

Here you will spend one to three weeks processing through 18 different stations under the control of drill sergeants. During this time, your military records will be established and will follow you throughout your Army career. Below are some of the things he will do at the reception.

CLOTHES. You will receive a complete wardrobe of issued clothing such as your ACUs, Dress Blues, winter boots, warm weather boots, patrol cap, underwear, socks, belts, etc. Make sure everything fits so you don’t have any problems in the future during training.

MEDICAL EVALUATION. You will receive your immunization, dental x-rays, and an eye exam. If you wear glasses, they will issue you new military glasses.

FINANCE. Here you will set up your direct deposit in the finance department. Make sure your account number and bank routing are correct so you can receive your payment on time.

TROOPS STORE. Your drill sergeants will take you to the troop store to purchase the basic necessities you will need for training. In addition, he will receive an EZ-Pay card that has a $250-300 advance from his first paycheck to pay for basic items at the troop store. Also, you will have to buy your own tennis shoes.

Other things, like taking his selfie for his photo ID and yearbook, and getting his first military haircut.

ORIENTATION. After you’ve been given your kit, your drill sergeants will have an auditorium orientation with recruits about sexual harassment, equal opportunity, discrimination, and what’s expected of you in the military.

Your last day on the receiving battalion is moving day as you pack up all your gear and move to your new company area to begin your nine weeks of basic training and embark on your military career.