Women, Don’t Be A Victim – Get Help And Stay Safe With These Apps

Today, different mobile app development companies around the world are working on various innovative and unique app ideas. Developers are dedicating themselves to creating easy-to-use user-centric applications that have a creative concept. Therefore, safety apps for women are becoming popular in the market.

Sexual assault, domestic violence, rape, etc. are some of the alarming problems faced by women these days. To decrease the chances of such crimes of remorse being committed, it is advisable to take the necessary measures in time as soon as you can feel any problems. In today’s age of tech savvy, there are many mobile apps available in the market that can help women get instant help in the event of an emergency or dangerous situation. These safety apps for women can warn of risk as well as provide needed help in a time of need. Here is a list of some competent apps that are extremely useful for women.

# 1 Hollaback

This application is very useful to warn of any type of street harassment. Women can snap a photo of the stalker and can instantly share this “caught in the act” image along with the story on This would definitely awaken the sense among the public and the shared story and the stalker image would prevent other perverts from engaging in similar annoying activities. Hollaback is available for both Android and iOS platform and user can get this app for free.

# 2 Circle of 6

For all women who use the iPhone, this is a must-have app for your safety! Using this feature-rich app is extremely easy. There are three default text messages among which one would reach the total of six emergency contacts of users’ preference when the user taps the application twice. There is an automatic call function to one of the 6 contacts. Also, this automated call would include the exact location of the victim. It would also include the victim’s address. Apart from these features, Circle of 6 has some pre-programmed emergency helpline numbers. The application is available for free, but to get the fully functional application, users must subscribe to an annual or monthly service plan.

# 3 bSafe

With bSafe, women can select a set of “Guardians”, to whom the emergency message would reach with the push of a button. In the free version of bSafe, one of the tutors would also receive an automated call. All guards would receive text messages along with the exact GPS location of the victim. Another cool feature that the app offers is that the victim can schedule a ‘Fake Incoming Call’ in case of emergency. Obviously, the subscription version of this application comes with more facilities such as ‘Timer Mode’ for automatic alarm activation and ‘Risk Mode’ with real-time GPS tracking facilities. bSafe is available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

# 4 cab4me

Feeling trouble? Call and get a taxi anytime, anywhere using this extremely favorable app. If you switch to the call tab, you will get a complete list of local companies that offer taxis to hire at your chosen location. You would have the authority to choose the method of payment and the type of car. If the database does not show any taxi companies, you can do a location-based web search that shows the results. In the Favorite tab, you would get instant access to all the taxi companies from where you usually book taxis. Both Android and iPhone users can get this app and subscription, and both free versions are available.

Apart from all the apps mentioned above, Guardly is another popular app that women can depend on in case of an emergency. So, make sure you have such apps on your smartphones and stay safe.