What is Gravity in Clickbank?

If you’re looking for a product to promote on Clickbank, you’ve probably noticed a stat they use called gravity. This is one of the more misunderstood Clickbank statistics, but once you know the definition of gravity, it’s actually quite simple. What is gravity? Well, gravity is simply a weighted number of affiliates who have sold at least one product in the last 8 weeks, with the most recent sales counting more than those made 8 weeks ago.

Gravity doesn’t tell you how much money the product has made or what percentage it converts to. Gravity only counts the first sale each affiliate makes, so it’s not necessarily a strong indication of the overall profitability of promoting the product. However, if it has super high gravity, it’s probably because people are having a lot of success with it.

Pros and cons of promoting a high gravity product

If a lot of people are promoting a product and making sales, then there is a good chance that it will cover well. Most people are not going to keep promoting products that don’t make them a lot of money. One thing you should be aware of is a product that has a high severity just because it has just been released. Many marketers get affiliates to heavily push their product during launch, so it will give the product a very high gravity to begin with. Even though you know that a high gravity product is probably making a lot of money for your affiliates, there is a downside to promoting a high gravity product. If a product has a lot of affiliates promoting it, that means you are going to face a lot of competition for traffic. It can be very difficult to break into a niche that has a super high gravity product.

Pros and cons of promoting a low gravity product

Sometimes it can be worth promoting a low gravity product. If a product has a gravity of 10 to 20, it means that it has made a decent amount of sales in the last few weeks. Many people who have products on Clickbank are not the best sellers, and even though they have a great product in a great niche, they do a poor job of getting people to promote it. If you can find a product like this, it is possible to dominate that niche and sell a good but unknown product. If you do very well with a product like this, you should consider using your superior marketing skills to make your own product, and really make a lot of money from that niche.