Tronsmart Bang MiNII – A Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Home Audio & Vi

Tronsmart Bang MiNII – A Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Home Audio & Vi

Tronsmart Bang Mini is an affordable Bluetooth speaker with great sound, LED lights and party effects. It has a pair of woofers for the reproduction of low frequencies and two tweeters for the reproduction of center sounds.

It has a special feature called SoundPulse, which Tronsmart says opens up the audio and makes it sound clearer. It also has a voice assistant and NFC for easy pairing.


Tronsmart are quickly making a name for themselves by creating powerful Bluetooth speakers that grant premium quality at an affordable price. The Bang Mini is no exception. It’s a column-shaped outdoor speaker that can be used vertically or horizontally and features a 2.1 speaker concept.


Bass is impactful and strong without being hollow or boomy and the treble has a good amount of weight without becoming too shrill. Voices, like Caleb Followill (lead singer of Kings of Leon), come through with clarity and expressiveness.

The Bang Mini supports Bluetooth version 5.3, has an aux input and is IPX6 waterproof. It also has circular lights that can pulse to the beat or fade in and out and can be paired with another identical speaker for true left/right stereo. A slight disappointment is that it doesn’t support Tronsmart’s app which makes it impossible to adjust the EQ settings.


In a field where party speakers usually focus on loudness at the expense of clarity, Tronsmart is refreshingly different. This column-shaped outdoor speaker presents richly detailed audio, delivering crisp impulses at max SPL and boasting a surprisingly wide driver array that promises stereo imaging. It also comes with a nifty light show and an app-based EQ.

Home Audio & Video

The Bang Mini is IPX6 moisture resistant, with a captive weatherproofing plug that extends about half an inch and blocks one or the other of its ports (although it can still be used as a power bank). Its function buttons are located along the top: Play/pause, volume down/previous track, Sound-Pulse, NFC pairing, etc.

Input ports are hidden behind a thick rubber seal sitting low at the back, and include a USB Type-A port for connecting music drives, an AUX input, and a microSD card slot supporting up to 128 GB.


A little tinier than the original Bang party speaker that caused such a stir this year, the new Tronsmart Mini is still a powerful portable Bluetooth speaker. It can play music from a USB drive, an AUX input or even a TF/SD card and supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3.

It also has a nice SoundPulse feature that reduces harmonic distortion and noise at peaks, allowing voices to be reproduced with clarity. Bass is also very good and there’s no roll off lower than about 55 Hz, which is great for this kind of portable speaker.

Tronsmart Bang MiNIi outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker

The treble isn’t sensitive to listening angle either, which is impressive – the voice of Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon for example sounds natural and expressive. One thing missing compared to the Bang is the use of the LDAC codec, although it’s not clear what advantage this would bring in this case.

Battery life

The Tronsmart Bang offers a crazy amount of power for its price and will satisfy most users looking to have some post-festival season parties. While bassheads might be left disappointed, the sound quality is still good enough to fill most rooms – especially with the SoundPulse EQ mode activated.

Like the T7 Mini, the Bang features a neutral tone with pleasantly balanced vocal reproduction and well-structured treble. It also manages to avoid some of the more common problems found in speakers of this price range – bloated midbass, midbass bleed and overly crispy high hats.

NFC is supported for quick connection and a 3.5mm AUX-in jack and Micro SD/TF card slot offer welcome physical connections options. The large-capacity battery offers up to 15 hours of music playback and can also act as a power bank when needed.


With the Bang Mini, Tronsmart are aiming to improve upon their big brother’s success – refining the shape and functionality ever-so-slightly. In particular the tactile controls have been replaced with visual symbols which are more intuitive.

The oblong form of the speaker also gives it a different look and the LED lights are only at each end rather than running across the frame. This makes the speaker more subtle and I think will appeal to a wider audience. There are also a couple of different lighting settings including one that pulses with the music and another that follows it.

It has a MicroSD slot and an AUX input so it can play from a variety of sources even without Wifi. However, the app isn’t available on this model so you won’t be able to customise the EQ.