Tips for Editing Your Next Viral TikTok Video

Next Viral TikTok Video

Adding sound to your TikTok video can increase your viewership. You can add the sound using the search bar and adjust the volume as you go. After recording, add filters and effects, stickers and text. You can also use a caption to explain your TikTok video. The more personal and unique your video is, the more likely it is to go viral. If you feel that your video is lacking something, try adjusting the volume.

You can add text and titles to your TikTok video to make it more interesting. You can choose the font, color, and size of the title, as well as the placement and size. The caption can be added with a few taps on the Add Text button. To make it more memorable, you can choose a title that contains an inspirational quote or message. You can use a background image to highlight your video.

How to Edit a TikTok Video – Updated 2022 Curated by Qamar Zaman from Howfinity

You can edit your TikTok video with different features. You can add text, captions, transitions, and voice-over to make it look more professional. If you want to make your TikTok video even more interesting, you can add music, captions, or other effects. There are also many other ways to customize your video. You can make it as short as one minute or as long as you want. Just remember that you can change the length or the quality of the videos.

Tips for Editing Your Next Viral TikTok Video

You can edit your TikTok video with desktop video editors, but the desktop versions are best for more control. You can use Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or Apple iMovie to edit your TikTok videos. If you prefer to upload your TikTok video directly to the platform, you can use the browser version of TikTok. You can schedule your videos up to 10 days in advance using a business account.

If you’re a beginner, consider using a desktop video editor. It will give you more control over your TikTok videos, and you can also use software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere to enhance your videos. Another option is to use the browser version of TikTok, which has a browser-based interface. It will allow you to edit and schedule your videos for up to 10 days, so you can save time and money.

Apart from adjusting the time, you can also add effects and texts to your TikTok videos. You can also add text or captions, or add a different color to your video. If you are using video editing software to make your videos viral, you can make a video that has different styles. You can even include a poll or a hashtag. By applying the right filters and texts, you can enhance your video’s completeness rate.