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Starting a Mobile Car Detailing Business Tricks and Traps

Often new entrants to the automotive detailing industry will be a little scared at first and will want to get over this fear and put it behind them. However, as with anything, a little fear can be the best friend you’ve ever had. You will see that it is not easy to start a small business in the United States with all the tricks and traps, and starting a mobile car detailing business, mobile car wash or professional auto detailing shop is no exception.

How could I help you with this FEAR other than warning you that the fear is real? My best and most appropriate advice is to warn you against going into business on your own. You should fear it, as the gavel is against small businesses in this county. Only 1 in 5 small businesses make it in the first five years. Your odds don’t look so good, you know? There is a good chance that you will lose all your money. You really should reconsider.

Should you fear lawsuits? Well, call Caesar, I’m not the one to ask, he seems to have the best advice on that, but in all seriousness, there will be times when you have to pay those professional hangers-on, something like protection money for the mob. only the money that the lawyers steal from you because everything is legal. Does it often happen that car detailing companies are sued? No, hardly ever really, although there are a number of employee type claims that happen in the industry, maybe they can avoid these troublesome situations and work hard to do better with the job and avoid long before animosity leads to such things. It all depends on how you handle the employees fairly. Be honest and fair and you should be fine. Think about this.