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Staging Certification – Is This the Best Option for You?

Staging Certification

Many home staging courses are available these days. With so many home staging services out there, it is not surprising that so many home staging certification programs have emerged. But which ones are the best? And, which ones actually work? In this article, you will learn what home staging certification programs are worth your time and money and how they can help you succeed in the home staging industry.

Most home staging certification programs will consist of classroom instruction on basic interior design principles, such as color, texture, furniture, and room planning. They also typically include lessons on some basic business skills necessary to become a successful home staging professional as well. In general, a good home staging certification exam will test the student on questions about basic business knowledge as well as the ability to analyze information in an organized manner. The best home staging certification exams are designed to test both the individual’s knowledge and their skills, and these exams will focus on those two areas.

home staging certification

The most popular home staging certification programs right now are the ones that focus on the interior design basics. These courses teach you how to do things like build a space that will maximize your floor plan, set up the proper lighting and heating, and set up the appropriate ventilation. You learn about color schemes and what kinds of fabrics work well in certain rooms. This kind of home staging training is really all about beginning to think like an interior designer.

Is This the Best Option for You?

An Interior Design Basics course roughly takes one to three weeks of classroom instruction and covers everything from selecting flooring and window treatments to selecting paint colors and curtains. Typically, this class is taught in the morning, with a half day of practical practice followed by an exam. In this typical student experience, you will find yourself learning about window treatments, how to arrange a layout based on floor plans, how to match furniture to walls, and much more. A typical student also will end up spending approximately eight hours in class, completing a project, and receiving a certificate. This type of program typically does not have enough hours worth of classroom study to satisfy the National Association of Interior Designers Standards, so this is not the ideal home staging certification for you.

Another type of home staging certification course is the one that focuses on business strategies. In this typical home course, you’ll learn about marketing your business, how to advertise your services, and you’ll get a feel for how much it costs to open a small office. You’ll learn about the various types of business forms as well as contracts, and you’ll learn about negotiating different pricing and payment options. These courses usually take about eight to ten hours, depending on the number of modules you want to cover. Once you complete this home course, you’ll earn your home staging certification.

The most effective way to decide which home stager certification course is best for you is to compare them side by side. Many online courses offer a free trial period, which allows you to complete a certain number of modules before you have to start paying for the classes. Other courses are sold as complete packages, with pre-fabricated learning modules. Whichever method you choose, once you complete the course, you will be ready to enroll in a stager job in no time at all.