Spooky Rotastak Castle – Description and Information

Tea Information and description of the spooky castle of Rotastak – another great Rotastak creation. Created with the concept of ancient castles and secret chambers, Creepy Castle has an aura of excitement and mystery. It even has a glow in the dark that will definitely get kids excited. It is properly designed for your small furry animals: the tunnels, tubes, cameras and accessories simulate their natural habitat and make the cage a complete living environment for them. Moving on, let me introduce you to this cage in more detail:

Introduction 1. Dimensions of the spooky castle of Rotastak

The cage has an assembled dimension of approximately:

  • 59 cm (23 inches) tall
  • 59 cm (23 inches) wide
  • 81 cm (32 in) deep

Experienced hamster breeders shared on forums that the recommended cage size for a Syrian hamster should be at least:

  • 30.5 cm (12 inches) tall
  • 30.5 cm (12 inches) wide
  • 61.0 cm (24 inches) deep

And the size of 2 dwarf hamsters in a cage should be at least:

  • 30.5 cm (12 inches) tall
  • 30.5 cm (12 inches) wide
  • 61.0 cm (24 inches) deep

Tea Spooky castle of Rotastak It definitely has enough room for a Syrian hamster or 4 dwarfs. It is built upwards and therefore takes up less floor space while giving your hamsters plenty of space and places to explore!

Intro 2. Objects in the spooky castle

The cage consists of the following 8 elements:

  1. Main Unit – The Great Hall
  2. Round unit
  3. 4 bedrooms in the attic – Watchtowers
  4. Rainbow Runner Exercise Wheel
  5. Travel Unit – Guard Post
  6. Water bottle
  7. Tube Assembly – Secret Steps
  8. Easy access lid

The cage is designed as such to simulate your pet’s natural habitat. The Great Room, corridors and secret chambers are a simulation of the underground living space that your hamsters, gerbils or mice will build for themselves in the wild. These small animals stay underground during the day to hide from predators and heat.

In the wild, these animals flee far from their hiding place in search of food. Rotastak’s spooky castle comes with a wheel that provides your pet with an endless source of distance and exercise.

The guard post gives you a space to keep your pet while cleaning his cage. On normal days, it serves as an extra space for your pet to explore and rest.

The highlight of this cage is its ability to glow in the dark. Of all the Rotastak hamster cages I have come across, this is the only one that can glow in the dark.