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Slide your way to a beautiful mobile

Mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has this week announced another mobile phone to add to its ‘Beautiful to Wear’ range, we have already had the specs for the Nokia 6600 flip or flip, and the Nokia 3600 Slide.

This time it is the turn of the Nokia 6600 Slide, this mobile shares a model number with the Nokia 6600 Fold, just as Nokia did with its 6500 Slide and Classic mobiles. The Nokia 6600 Slide actually has very similar features and specifications as the Nokia 6500 Slide. But it looks like a sleeker, rounder version of the 6500 Slide – its styling is actually more like one of Samsung’s slider phones.

The Nokia 6600 Slide has a 3.2 megapixel camera, is 3G and can handle video calls, has an Internet browser and email client and has the usual MP3 player, FM radio, memory expansion via microSD card and Bluetooth. The Slide has the same accelerometer as the Fold version, allowing you to simply tap the screen to light it up and more usefully silence a call or alarm with the same double-tap on the screen.

The Slide also comes with Google Maps included, though GPS isn’t installed and looks like it will have to be purchased as an accessory.

It looks like the Nokia 6600 Slide will only be available in black, and should be in cell phone stores in the fall of 2008. So if a decent sized stylish phone with good features is your thing, stay tuned!