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Samsung I8510 VS Samsund E250

Samsung mobile phones are one of the best phones in the fierce competition. Samsung is the first finalist company famous for its sound quality and communication characteristics. In stiff competition, this company has proven to be the best on the market. It has made a place in the market thanks to its advanced features and has become one of the best mobile phone companies that gives satisfaction to its customers.

Samsung E250 is a slider phone that comes in tri-band GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900. This phone has a photo caller ID feature that allows user to create caller ID with video and photo clip. This phone is equipped with a 4x digital zoom to capture the close-up. VGA provides a CMOS sensor that helps the user with high-quality images and sharp image capture. This phone is loaded with video features like 15 frames per second QCIF resolution that comes with high quality video footage. Users can enjoy the photo setting function whereby they can fix the caller’s photo on the screen when they make any call. From the Internet, the user can download the latest wallpapers on his screen.

The Samsung i8510 mobile phone is equipped with an image stabilizer function that helps the user to convert small images into a larger image, so that if a small image is being taken, users do not have to understand their wishes. This phone is equipped with a flash function that helps the user to illuminate those more boring conditions, as well as to capture night shots with the eight megapixel camera function. On this phone, users are free to edit their captured photos or play their video footage. This phone is loaded with all popular video formats such as WMV, MP4, H263 and H264, MV, DivX, allowing the user to enjoy high quality video playback on their phone that can be easily sent and received from your own phone or yours. handset.

Samsung E250 has the popular EDGE connectivity technology that helps transfer your data and files at high speed. Users can connect with Bluetooth technology to get a wireless connection between this phone or other Bluetooth devices, allowing users to access their laptop, printer, PDA and headphones.

Samsung i8510 offers Symbian version 9.3 OS (operating system) 60 series. This phone has 3G HSDPA technology that allows the user to enjoy a high speed Internet connection at broadband speeds, high transfer speed and multitasking abilities. It is a 3G phone with video calls. Users are free to participate in a two-way video call that helps the user to view their contacts on their screen, while the user is also free to view other contacts.

Samsung E250 has many advanced features that have been used in the user’s daily routine. Users are free to receive calls through the phone’s speakers, which helps the user to feel free in their work because with this function they can keep their mobile phone on the desk. It comes with an FM store radio feature that allows the user to listen to a variety of radio stations that help the user to update. The FM radio helps the user to keep in touch with the new events around him; With this function, they can enjoy the latest music on the radio and listen to the news and sports, which is one of the best sources of entertainment.

Samsung i8510 has a large space in its memory to store the data in the internal memory. This phone has eight and sixteen GB (gigabytes) with internal memory and 128 MB (megabytes). It has RAM which is useful for expanding its internal memory. This phone has a rechargeable battery that can provide 8.5 hours of talk time and can support up to 310 hours. Despite all these features, this phone is easy to carry in the palm of your hand because it weighs only TBC and has dimensions of 106.5 x 53.9 x 17.2 mm. It is also a good source of entertainment, such as Java games, FIFA 2008 game that can be easily downloaded from the Internet to spend your free time.