Protection Spells – Summoning Ghosts

Learn how to use the spells used to summon ghosts and spirits and avoid bringing harmful evil into your life.

If you are interested in spells to summon ghosts, then this article is prepared especially for you, in the end you will learn how to perform this magic with little preparation. Generally, the more successful you are, and with regular practice, the better results spells will give you. The exact same can be said for all other spells and not just those used to summon ghosts.

In general, the more your abilities develop naturally, the more in tune you will be with all natural aspects, and the spells will work that much better for you. Before trying any of the information given for the spells used to summon these ghosts, it would be important for you to locate and use some type of protection spell.

Spells to summon spirits and ghosts

This type of spell is quite easy and can be performed at any time. First, you’ll need a needle, some red yarn, paper, and five candles.

He would then take the paper, put a large dot in the center with a red crayon, marker, or pencil. After that, take the red wool and put it in the needle hole. In the immediate vicinity of the red spot in the center, write the words “yes”, “maybe”, “no” and “don’t know”.

Ritual: Place the needle in the red area and hold it through the yarn thread, be careful not to hold the needle only on the yarn.

Song: I call the spirit of, then the name of the spirit; this can be anything you want. It could be an angel, a dead family member, or anyone you choose. This chant must be done 3 times, repeating the written words and always keeping the hands turning clockwise.

After all this, you should ask your question and wait for your answer, don’t change the needle. Every time the needle gets closer to the answer, you’ll know what’s happening.

Spells to summon ghosts

Choose the burial place for the person you want to summon, then lie down in this grave and close your eyes. Start breathing in and out using your nostril, as soon as you are totally relaxed start counting backwards from your current age repeatedly. When you are doing this, breathe in every three numbers and also breathe out for every

Keep a good image of the person you want to call, if maybe you have no idea what this person looks like, this can get very serious.

Continue with your breathing until you finally enter what is known as the suspended state. While you are in this suspended state, it would be easy for you to initiate conversations with this spirit that you were summoning.

You should keep in mind that all summoning spells could end up being extremely dangerous. So if you have no idea what you are doing, it is easy for you to summon a ghost or evil spirit and you cannot send these spirits back. So just get the training and when the time is right you can try one of the spells to summon ghosts or spirits of any kind.