Pluto at the Galactic Center

Every 248 years, Pluto crosses the Galactic Center point, a rare and auspicious event.

The Galactic Center: “The Galactic Core is like a boiling cauldron of raw creation, where all components such as stars, hot and cold gas, magnetic fields, and the central black hole display intimate interaction… It is almost as if the galactic center were a living organism”,

Dr Heino Falcke

A complex and mysterious place. the galactic center is at the edge of the extremely bright object called Sagittarius (Sgr) A, which harbors a million-solar-mass black hole. Astronomers say that the Galactic Center emanates a hundred times the energy of our sun, and surely, as Paul Hewit says, the Galactic Center is the Sun of our Sun. All centers are fundamental in metaphysics that they represent primary origins or heavens.

Pluto: Jeffrey Wolf Green correlates Pluto with the soul and evolution. This powerful energy rules Scorpio and the eighth house, assimilated to the Phoenix that plunges into the flames to be reborn again. The metamorphosis from the old to the new can be quite intense, where loss and death (real and metaphorical) are confronted and shadows are revealed. Pluto’s Scorpio controls and defenses are always rooted in deep wounds and wounds, and ultimately where we learn to relax, as things created anew are always good. Consciously working with the alchemical effects of Pluto allows us to truly change.

Sagittarius: Jupiter, also known as Zeus in mythology, and the greatest of the Greek gods, rules this sign. He basically rules the Universe and is the highest authority among the immortals. He is also considered the guardian of political order and peace among humans. Jupiter is the second largest entity in our solar system after the Sun, and esoteric writings credit the information and wisdom reaching humans from Jupiter. The qualities of Sagittarius are joy, wisdom, faith, adventure, abundance, expansion, freedom, truth, and the Divine vs. the Mundane (the dual representation of this mutable sign). Sagittarius is philosophical, intuitive, and most importantly, connected to “Natural Law” vs. “Man-made law.”

The Center of the Galaxy is at 26:55 (almost 27) degrees Sagittarius, and Pluto is currently in the sign of Sagittarius at 26:03 and moving towards (with some retrograde action) the GC to conjoin it on December 28 of 2006. This is a very significant event, occurring only every 248 years, and for those tuned in, the effects are already strong!

The last cycle of Pluto/Galactic Center generally coincides with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which basically means the application of energy-driven machinery to manufacturing. For example, in England, the countryside was transformed from an open field farming system to compact farms and enclosed fields. Systematic farming was also pioneering. Then, of course, came the steam engine, electricity, railways, urban life, new social classes, etc. Of course, look how far we’ve come in such a short time. Pluto also symbolizes the acceleration of time, but that is another article.

In astrology, what we see and know is what impacts our consciousness and can be interpreted through astrological symbols. We note that the discoveries of Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron (at least in our recorded history) were overshadowed by events characteristic of them. For example, Uranus can occasionally be seen with the naked eye, but it was not identified as a planet until 1781, coinciding with the American and French revolutions towards “new” societies and aviation.

The first studies to find the center of the galaxy began in 1915 – 1919 with a scientist named Shapely, but with computer technology, discoveries like the radio wave emissions shown in the image, there is a stampede towards new information and the Galactic center is firmly embedded in the memes of human consciousness.

I believe this new Pluto cycle has the potential for transformation in our ability to more intuitively understand the wisdom of natural law and the information that may be emanating from the galactic center. Clearly, a new cycle is beginning, and where the old dies, events intensify as the new is born. Many ideas and behaviors will arise in direct contradiction to what may be to come, simply because people desperately and passionately try to hold on to things that may be dying. Change is rarely elegant.

Pluto may represent the evolution of our consciousness, and because this coincides with the end of several major cycles in different traditions, the change we experience and recognize may be to access the natural order of the universe rather than remain in our limited conditioning. . of man-made law, especially the last 6,000 years of patriarchal rule. If the Galactic Center has the gravitational energy of the galaxy in Sagittarius, which embodies energy, aspiration, motivation, joy, truth and intuitive understanding, and as the center has the energies of source consciousness, then if one can tune into how this energy affects you personally, the changes in consciousness can be enormous during the next almost two years of Pluto’s transit through the Galactic Center.

Although it is not a real planet but a point on the chart, like the nodes of the moon, the GC point on your chart is very powerful. It is an area where deep truths about the natural order of things can be realized. Everyone has it somewhere and everyone has the opportunity to profoundly change their mindset with this event. If you have something in the mutable signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces that is in the 26:55 aspect within about 3 degrees (23 – 29 degrees), then the impact can be undeniable. Which house and which planets, along with the general themes of the chart, will fill in the details.

How to know what is natural law? Think with your heart and trust your intuition. This usually translates to common sense. Take a look at your chart if you know how to read it and find out what this could mean for you.