Occupational Health Nurse Continuing Education – A Must For Nurses

Nurse Continuing Education

The occupational health nurse is a specialized type of nurse. They work in companies to help manage the health and safety of employees. Their job responsibilities include prevention of diseases and injuries in the workplace, education about risks, and treatment of injured employees. This nursing career is in high demand, with many employers now looking for these nurses.

Continuing education courses are a must for nurses to maintain their license. Some of these courses are free or very inexpensive. Depending on your license, you can choose between live courses or self-paced online courses. However, be aware that not all courses are approved as CEUs for Nurses. Therefore, it is important to find a course that is accredited before enrolling.

Occupational health nurses can earn CEUs by taking online courses and in-person courses. CEUs are also awarded for attending conferences and clinical workshops. Typical areas of continuing education include ethics, pharmacology, clinical topics, and nursing laws. Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities will offer these free courses to their employees. Since CEUs are viewed as professional development, they may be tax-deductible.

Occupational Health Nurse Continuing Education – A Must For Nurses

The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses offers a list of educational links. However, ABOHN does not endorse any particular site. Besides, many free online courses do not automatically send completion information or contact hours to ABOHN. It is important to ask for a paper certificate from the course provider if you’re looking to earn your certification.

Occupational health nurses focus on protecting workers and preventing workplace injuries. They identify and evaluate workplace hazards, develop safety protocols, assess injured workers, and manage staff health. Some work in hospitals while others work in corporate settings. In the corporate world, occupational health nurses work for large companies or high-risk sites. However, they are also employed in schools, retailers, and entertainment venues.

To become an occupational health nurse, you should complete an accredited nursing program and pass the NCLEX-RN. Moreover, you should have at least two years of professional nursing experience. It is also important to choose a position that specializes in occupational health nursing. However, you should be aware that many employers do not hire fresh graduates directly from nursing school.

To become a certified occupational health nurse, you must be an RN with a Bachelor’s degree. This is the second-highest level of certification, and is required for nurses in the healthcare field. The certification is valid for five years and must be renewed. You must also continue to take the COHN-S exam in order to keep it active.