Macallan Folio 6 Price

Folio 6 Price

The Macallan Folio 6 is the sixth instalment of its Archival Series. It is a commemorative book that pays tribute to the 1980s advertising campaigns and features a special book-shaped presentation box. The book also features a look back at the iconic Macallan brand’s early advertising campaigns, including its most famous ad from the 1980s, which featured the brand’s chairman Allan Shiach dancing the Highland fling with a pen and brush.

The Macallan Archival Series is a re-creation of the brand’s early advertising campaigns and features a witty advertisement. The Chairman, a Scottish man dressed in Highland dress, drew up the witty copy on the bottle. The Chairman, in a playful gesture, was added by Allan Shiach, a member of the marketing team, to remind them that Shiach ultimately had the final say. The tin box itself has a book inside.

Besides the book-like packaging, the Folio 6 is destined to be available in domestic markets in the first quarter of 2021. The whisky will be available at Macallan’s boutiques in Taiwan Taoyuan, Dubai, and London Heathrow. The retail price of a Macallan Folio 6 is PS250. The whisky will be packaged in a book-shaped tin and come with a booklet explaining its history and the distillery’s production process.

Macallan Folio 6 Price

The Archival Series is sold in a book-shaped metal casing, which is a good way to showcase your collection of Macallan whisky. The archival series is not an age statement whisky, so be sure to ask for a condition report before you bid. Metal casings can dent easily and the interior clips can snap leaving the book unsecured. If you are planning to sell the whisky, consider storing it with the auction house.

The new Macallan Folio series will be available in domestic markets in the first quarter of 2021. Folio releases will be available in boutiques at the London Heathrow and Taiwan Taoyuan airports. The new release comes in a book-shaped presentation tin with a booklet describing the whisky’s unique flavor profile. The Macallan Folio series will include 24 new releases.

The Archival Series includes 6 editions, and Folio 6 celebrates the original witty advert featuring the Chairman dancing a Highland fling with a brush and pen. Holmes and Salaman were the advertising team behind this brilliantly clever campaign. The Chairman’s dance was a hit with consumers, and this witty advertisement has since been re-released with a new cover and more information.