Looking for the perfect home based business? start a bounce house business

You can see bouncy houses everywhere in the warmer months.
You may have even rented one in the past. and there is a
good luck you thought of starting a rebound
home business yourself.

Bounce house rentals for anywhere from $65.00/day in the west
cost to $250.00 and more in other parts of the country. Whom
Indianapolis, we rented ours for about $225.00 for four to
six hours. So if you charge $150.00 for your rent, you can
earn an additional $300.00 per week in income.

Like any business, you are going to have some expenses. HAS
Bounce delivery requires a truck or small trailer. An SUV will also work.

You will need extension cords, business cards, locks, dollies, and
other small business supplies. Most rental company owners
start by making deliveries and reservations themselves so that
you won’t have a lot of additional labor costs. the true joy of
this business is that you work when you want to work, and if
you feel like taking some time off… just don’t take it
Reservations for that day. But, the downside is that if you
want to earn a large amount of income, you will have to
be available when people want to rent. And that’s usually
on the weekend.

Insurance is the biggest cost. Although it seems to get
cheaper when more units are added, the initial costs are difficult.

Bounce House purchase prices average around $1500.00 but
insurance will be around $750.00. That means your first
Start-up year will cost around $2500.00. if you rent
your unit for $150.00, you will still have paid your costs
in less than 20 rentals. And of course the more
charge, the faster your investment will pay for itself.

You may be surprised to discover that there is so much more to
rentals that inflatable houses. Our initial start-up five years
It makes two rebounds, but in a short time we have
grown to more than 50 inflatable and interactive games. You may
find giant slides, obstacle courses, casino tables, Bungee
Races, games for small children and fun meals. the business in reality
it will grow as much as you want. as long as you get
the team in front of the people, you’ll be booking
rentals The units themselves are their own listings.

To get your new business up and running, you just need to follow
these simple steps.

-Find out from your state and local board what you need
start a bounce rental business. There may be restrictions
in what you can do.

-Consultation of suppliers. You can search the web for “bounce
house” or “inflatable games”.

-Ask suppliers to give you insurance information. DO NOT make a
purchase until you have secured insurance.

-Order your bounce(s) as soon as you have your
insurance in force.

-You have a lot to do while you wait for the team. Design
flyers and business cards. Get your phone number and domain
Name. Start on a website. Tell ALL your friends about your
New business.

-Even if you are starting to advertise, it is not recommended
to reserve your units before they arrive. that’s just asking
Because of problems

-The day your team arrives is very exciting. Make sure
though thoroughly inspect your equipment for damage
before the delivery guy leaves. And also check to do
I am sure you have received everything.

-Now comes the fun part. Inflate your new unit and get
familiar with it. Let the neighborhood children play. You want
your unit is seen so that people want to rent it.

Pretty simple, right? Of course, I just mentioned the
steps, but it’s not much more complicated than that. If you
join the party rental industry with which you will share fun
all the world. And that’s a great way to generate income.