Digital Marketing

Launching an online club?

What is required for your Club?

WordPress, your Registrar offer, or Blogger for your Club? Forget these three. I’m not here to promote any particular offer and I won’t point to any registration pages here.

The goal is to show that there are other ways to proceed. Instead of thinking “how” and “how much”, let’s think with a “where am I going” and “how do I proceed to do it quickly”.

AS EASY AS 1-2-3

First: you need a name

Since you are a club, what you need is a domain name that ends in “.club”. This domain name will soon be one of the possible options during the registration phase in Google apps for work so don’t miss that part because:

  1. It is what defines your identity: you are a club and you want to appear as an online club;
  2. The domain name is the first representation of the trademark on the Internet, so if your club’s name is trademarked, remember that the “.club” extension will add credibility. an eye on possible future violations;
  3. it’s one of the first things your readers will see when they find your website in a search engine;
  4. appear and attract attention on your business cards;
  5. As a club, again, it’s much better to use a domain name that ends in “.club”, rather than “.com”.

Second: you need a CMS

CMS stands for “content management system”. It’s your publishing platform to come: you’ll write your content on your back-end and it will be published on your front-end.

What we can see on the front-end is what appears when someone enters their domain name ending in “.club”. google sites is a good option: it comes with Google Apps for Work and also allows you to configure your email ending in “.club”. Soon you can even find it on Google domains directly.

Third: you need a template for a club

This is where it gets interesting: there are many solutions to create a website online, but Google Sites allows you to select templates during the process of creating your first website.

I’d like to remind you that many offerings also allow this, but Google Sites has an option titled “Browse the gallery for more” and guess what: of the seven template libraries on offer, one is titled “clubs and organizations“. Some are ugly but…many are quite nice and I have no doubt that you can build your first online club with one of these.

What can’t you read here?

The downside of this offer is that Google does not promote it or any other interesting options like search engine optimization.

Clubs deserve the opportunity to know that it is possible to create a club online so quickly and efficiently. Regarding SEO, I have been using Google Sites for years and my website is now well indexed.

My preference is the football club template, everything is there: website design, calendar, etc… Check it out.