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I’ve heard of SEO, SEM and social media, but what is web presence optimization?

Web presence optimization is a holistic approach to internet marketing. Today, consumers interact with local businesses online through a myriad of different methods. Web Presence Optimization ensures that consumers discover your business during all phases of their online activity. So the million dollar question is, “What are consumers doing online?”

Consumers are browsing, searching and socializing. And consumers do all of this activity on thousands of websites, search engines, and social sites. The Internet has become a very large digital landscape! Today there are thousands of internet marketing companies soliciting small business owners. Each of these companies is trying to sell a piece of the digital landscape, with each claiming that their way is superior to the other.

Let’s break it all down to a few forms of online advertising that most small business owners are already familiar with. First, you have search engine marketing, pay per click, PPC, this method goes by various names, but it all amounts to paid placement on websites, directories, and search engines.

Then there is search engine optimization, SEO, again a few different names. It all amounts to getting your website to show up at the top of the organic search results for a few different keywords.

Next, there are social networks. These companies work to get consumers who frequent websites like Facebook and Twitter to follow, like, and share their business with other consumers online.

Finally, there are companies that monitor and repair your online reputation. These companies focus on getting consumers to provide good reviews of their business online. Sometimes they find bad reviews and help you mitigate with disgruntled consumers.

Web presence optimization is a combination of all these methods and more! Sounds exhausting huh? Web Presence Optimization is truly a holistic approach to targeting local consumers as they go about their normal online activities. The benefits of web presence optimization are social discovery, search discovery, and reputation management.

In simple terms, web presence optimization equates to increased market share! For example, imagine you are leaving the supermarket. You just remembered that you had to buy a beer for the meeting tonight. In the departure stand there are three refrigerators. Two coolers are filled with Budweiser, and the last cooler is filled with various other brands.

The fact is, because Budweiser has more shelf space (2 out of 3 coolers), they will ultimately sell more of their product than competitors. Web presence optimization works the same way! When a consumer is in the market for your product or service and sees it all over the page, not just once but multiple times, they will outsell their competitors.