It’s magic! But who is the magician?

Life is magical. Literally! The real human tragedy begins when we lose sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell of that life-giving truth. In magic flows a current of lightness and laughter; in magic is the sense of belonging and believing; in magic we create our playful miracles.

No matter which way you look, you are bombarded by magic; no matter how logically, scientifically or rationally you analyze it, you will still reach the point where magic takes over; no matter how big or small your goal, if you focus long enough, you will dissolve into magic.

Whether you’re heading to the stars to dance with supernovae and black holes or heading to the ‘quarking’ world of protons, neutrons and electrons, your mouth needs to be hit often enough for a reverent silence to fall.

To see an atom in a drop of water with the naked eye, the drop would have to be 15 miles in diameter.
To get to our nearest neighbor in the solar system, Proxima Centauri, you would need to fly for 24,000 years in a spacecraft.

The world around us deals fluently with numbers so small and so large that they consist almost entirely of zeros. This can feel empty and alienating, but we must never forget that even zeros are entwined with seductive intelligence. An intelligence that communicates. An intelligence that listens and responds.

There is the danger of being too familiar with magic and being numbered by it… finding it quite common that you can play cards with people from Guatemala, Mongolia and Uzbekistan while sitting in a cafe in Amsterdam.

There is also the danger of being too captivated by magic and numbered by it… finding your imagination overcrowded and bewildered by zeroes. But there’s a delicious space in between where magic sizzles around you, cradling you in a sense of wonder.

The disease comes from a dislocation with magic. As long as you remain alert to the ‘wonderful fullness’ unfolding and unfolding unstoppably around you, a joyful sense of belonging will heal you. The magic shows are available non-stop, but are rarely forced on you. You have to take some time to realize it. If it is severely dislocated, you will need a prescription.

Try a tincture of the following magic to take three times a day with a sigh of contentment:
A frond of fern unfurling,
several butterflies flying through the leaves that fall below an avenue of trees,
two crows tumbling in the breeze off a cliff,
the smell of earth after a downpour,
a noisy duck landing in the water,
dozens of cobwebs encrusted with dewdrops,
the sound of 20,000 starling wings,
a horse wallowing and farting happily,
Repeated waves pounding a cliff, sending rainbow sprays cascading down the beach…

The list of cures is, and always will be, endless. If nothing on planet earth moves you and fills you with gratitude, you should certainly ask yourself why you came and whether or not you want to stay. Magic just oozes from every pore.

You only have to look at the astonishingly perfect mechanism of your body with all its balancing systems of digestion, absorption, excretion, ventilation, reproduction, locomotion, investigation, interpretation, and motivation to realize that you are not dealing with a cheap card trick here. . That you ever get up is a heart-pounding miracle, let alone get up and interact like you know what you’re doing. Every second, your body is connected to a powerful energetic force field and requires nothing more than your appreciative cooperation to replenish and revive. However, how much of your time is spent whining and grinding over the few little blemishes.

That you are here is impressive; that you’re here with millions of other weird and wonderful co-creators is amazing; that you are here because you helped create it and can actively and daily recreate it, should make you sweat, break out, and shudder with wonder and excitement.

And here’s the crux… that seductive intelligence that weaves together all those zeros and bridges the spaces in between… it’s interactive. Not only are you significantly influential in the co-creation of this masterpiece, you are the sole and absolute commander of what parts of the magic dance around you. You speak the hocus pocus and the treasure cave opens eagerly before you.

I chose the word magic, deliberately and precisely. We love to have fun and there is no show that can match what is called Planet Earth. Also, there are no tricks or anything hidden up the sleeves, just…

a deciduous forest slowly changing from yellow to orange to red;
a musician sitting alone on a beach composing on his laptop with a full orchestra;
wildebeest roaring towards the river crossing where fat cats and long crocodiles lurk;
a few million butterflies forming a rainbow cloud as they migrate;
lobsters linking themselves in a chain miles long to march uselessly across the bottom of the sea, ending up where they started;
a lover texting a lover 4000 miles away;
a giant leatherback turtle crawling up a beach to dig a hole and lay eggs;
a domestic plane negotiating its way across mountains, deserts, forests, and seas to the same nest under the same eaves in the same direction as last year;
a dandelion making its way through the asphalt to open up like the sun…

No apologies for yet another list that is, and always will be, endless.

There is no problem for most people in identifying magic. THERE IS a problem for most people in wizard identification. Forget all the big names like God/dess and Buddha and Allah and Yahweh and The Force and The Universe. Yoo-hoo… Yoo-hoo it’s YOU.

You are so good at it that you have deluded yourself into believing that your magic is outside of you and out of your control. You are like a spider caught in its web, forgetting that the web was spun from its own body and that it is actually in control. You feel overwhelmed by events that seem to be flying at you from all directions. The best you can hope for is to stem the tide and stay afloat, fearing that if it stops you will be drained.

Life seems like the nightmare that haunts the sorcerer’s apprentice. Having put the broom to bring water, he did not know how to stop it. So he sliced ​​it up and watched in horror as each sliver grew into a fully functional broom and continued to bring in even more water. He would have drowned if the real sorcerer hadn’t returned in time to stop the broomstick army.

Maybe you don’t say the magic words anymore; Looks like you’ve lost your spell book. And yet, all those strange and outrageous aromas rising from your cauldron are the direct result of your enchantments; as well as all the boring, flat and tasteless ones! There is no point in throwing stones into the cauldron of others; they have no power over your concoctions. How cheeky of a wizard you want to be is up to you. Be as psychedelic and explosive as you dare or even choose to weave a spell that will gift you with all of his strength and turn you into a slave. You have the power! You knew it when you first arrived.

If you have now chosen not to believe in your power, then you have made your world a terrifying place. It wasn’t like that at first when you planned your adventure. But if you still believe, then the possibilities are only limited by the energy of your imagination and your willingness to rejoice, rejoice, and again I say rejoice.

There is no need to compete with others, there is no need to oppose others, there is no need to judge and criticize others. In fact, there is no need to pay attention to everyone else except those you choose.

As you watch the amazing displays of magic unfolding every second around you, remember that you are in a very, very supermarket. And one where you don’t have to pay anything, other than care. Nothing will jump off the shelf into your basket without your invitation, so take your time and choose what you like.

Having chosen it, enjoy it and take care of it. The more you enjoy its possibilities, the stronger the magnetic attraction between you will be. Let the magic flow! Don’t go through all the ingredients looking for hidden additives or start worrying about the impact it has on global warming or ice ages. Just enjoy it. And when you’ve had enough, choose something else.

Unless, of course, you decide to stand over your cauldron chanting scarcity and loss spells. What a magician you are! You can deny yourself a lot!

Many of us are proxy magicians. We are so afraid of our power that we deny it and pretend to work through someone else. Usually that person has written a book or performed a miracle or died an operatic death and has become an emblem of the greatness of us all. It is easier for us if many other people also choose that magician. Somehow he puts us at ease and we can all get together and get comfortable and swell the power of our chosen one.

We then choose a leader who seems to have clearer communication with the mage of our choice due to their training or aptitude. By deferring to our leader’s advice, we gradually take away responsibility and opportunity for our blessed magical powers.

Within all of us lives Merlin; a deep and primitive sense of interactive connection. Many of us were brought up to use a different name, but the name is not important. This connection is vital to our health. It is available at all times, contactable by any spell or silence. It is not necessary to point in any particular direction, go to a particular place, sit at the feet of a particular person, get high on a particular incense. You can deploy Merlin anywhere.

It doesn’t matter what verbal tricks you use to explain or justify your channeling with Merlin; no matter how orthodox or extravagant rituals you come up with. What matters is that you know what’s underneath. Your spirit will communicate with you in the way you choose. You are not the subservient acolyte who expects small favors for long service; you are the magician trying out the spells that work best for you.

And the way that works best for you is unique. Even those that seem to be chanting from the same spellbook as you probably work in a different way. Forget the words. Listen to the feeling. Unless you are familiar with the way the spirit flows through its original conduit, you will have to concentrate like a safe-breaker waiting for the telltale ‘click’.

The world around you is malleable. From an inexhaustible potential your dream will emerge. Your only joy is conjuring it up and reveling in the swirling flavors and changing it up as many times as you like (you’re not limited to three wishes). You’re already doing it, probably a lot more than you realize, but the greatest fun comes from being a fully aware and grateful magician.

Spells often unravel in unexpected and exciting ways, so the more familiar you are with your cauldron, the better.

As I said at the beginning: that you are here is impressive; that you’re here with millions of other weird and wonderful co-creators is amazing; that you are here because you helped create it and can actively and daily recreate it, it should make you sweat and break out and shudder with wonder and excitement; but most disconcerting of all, you are here using only a small part of your mighty potential for joyous magic and limping along with a sense of smallness and unworthiness.

Hocus-pocus, hocus pocus, knock and the door will open; izzy-whizzy, snap my fingers, ask and the goddess will send you; alhamdulilahi, nothing up my sleeves, open sesame; hubble bubble, alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.