Is Celery Safe for Dogs?

Celery Safe for Dogs

Many people may be wondering if celery is safe for dogs. Canines have their own special diets to follow and some people believe that they shouldn’t be allowed to eat certain foods. Canines are man’s best friend but just like humans you have to be careful of what you feed them. I’m going to share with you some foods that aren’t good for dogs but are safe for them to eat. Just remember that there are a lot of wonderful treats out there and if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Yes, dogs can eat cooked celery! In fact cooked celery is one of the more popular ingredients in dog dishes. Not only is celery safe for them to eat but it can also be beneficial. Celery is sometimes referred to as “nature’s candy” and it really does have other health benefits to explore further in the article.

can dogs eat celery

Along with all of that fresh celery you should include plenty of protein, which can come from many different sources such as raw meat or chicken. One good idea is to add fish oil to your dog’s raw diet to help with fatty acids. Fish are very high in good fats, which helps to keep your dog’s heart healthy. It is also a great source of essential omega 3 fatty acids.

Is Celery Safe for Dogs?

Another safe treat to give your dog is raw applesauce. You can use this treat anytime of the year and it will provide the added benefit of providing your dog with many of the same nutrients that he would get from eating fresh applesauce. The trick is to make sure you only give him small quantities so that he won’t suffer from a form of nausea called gas formation. This is caused by the stomach not being able to handle the amount of nutrients that he is getting.

There are several different forms of raw vegetable diets that you can use. They are not very different than the ones that you would eat yourself. You can start with a raw vegetable salad, or some raw vegetables in a baked potato. You can add a variety of other nutrients that he would get from these foods as well such as calcium, iron, zinc, and many other vitamins and minerals. There are even raw vegetable diets that are vegetarian and may include rice and grains as part of their ingredients.

So, is Celery safe for dogs? Probably yes, but only if you are feeding small quantities. Try to make sure that you are only giving him very small pieces and not something that he will be able to swallow whole. Also, make sure you are only giving him fresh, uncooked pieces so that they don’t have to work their way down his throat. If you follow these steps, your dog should be safe!