How to raise a baby according to the Truby King method

Do you wonder how women in the fifties gave birth to up to 12 children and were still healthy and prepared enough while on the other hand, it seems like we go crazy with only one child to care for? If you discover how children were raised in those days, you will say “no wonder they gave birth to a newborn every year.”

Without a doubt, raising children has become much more difficult than it was in those days. Ancient methods are widely criticized today for their harshness. It sounds cruel to treat babies like this, but in the end it could be beneficial to both children and parents.

The main idea in the 1950s, in the Truby King method, is that “children should be seen, not heard.” This was a very popular idea in those days and children were brought up as sophisticated, elegant and well mannered.

In this method, you do things according to a routine, which is established according to normal eating and sleeping patterns. You don’t do the things your baby tells you to do, but you do the things your routine says. This is based on the concept that in the first year, a baby only needs to rest, grow and develop. Her needs don’t include cuddling and playing with him. You feed him according to the normal routine of every 2 hours or 4 hours. If he cries between meals, you should let him cry. Although, parents can get stressed if the baby cries too much but after a few days, she too will fall into the routine and everything will be easier. There will be no more sleepless nights, as the baby will sleep through the night. The method also includes a short play time in which the baby must play alone and another short time of fresh air in which the baby must be taken out even if it is very cold outside. According to this method, the baby must have his own room from the day he is born.

Many people are following this method and are very successful in raising their children without stress. This does not mean that they never play with their children, as the above routine is only for the beginning and difficult months.

If you are lucky enough to have twins or triplets, this method might be the best for you as it means that you will be able to deal with your babies easily instead of making your life hell.