How to Browse Pet Classifieds Online and Protect Yourself

Whether you’re looking to buy a new pet or promote pets for sale, the Internet is perfect for searching for information, reputable breeders, and potential pet buyers. However, with the convenience and wide selection that online pet classifieds provide comes the need to check references and ask lots of questions. Read on for great tips on how to get the most out of pet advertising for buying or selling a pet online.

1. Ask for references

Always ask for references. As a pet buyer, you want to make sure the breeder you’re buying from is reputable and known for placing their animals in good homes. In fact, call the references and ask about the breeder’s follow-up, their health check, and the conditions of their breeding business.

If you’re a breeder and post an online “pets for sale” classified, then you’ll also want to make sure your prospective buyer is the kind of person who will love and take proper care of the animal. Feel free to ask them for character references or a veterinary reference if they have other animals.

2. Access the online breed/pet community

The Internet offers animal researchers a wealth of information about animals, including access to pet communities with forums, image galleries, and lots of breed information.

If you’re looking to buy a new animal (dog, cat, horse, bird, etc.) through an online classified ad, try locating an online pet community and join. Once you’re a member, ask questions, ask for quality breeder references, and ask for advice on your particular breed or species. It’s like a town hall meeting, but tailored specifically to your favorite questions.

A good pet classifieds site will also include information on different breeds and animals, as well as access to these valuable communities. For example, there are some sites that are essentially a pet-based web community that offer more than just ads.

3. Ask for a photo

If you’re trying to buy a dog (or cat, horse, or bird) online, always ask for photos or videos. Many quality breeders will be happy to provide remote buyers with short video footage of the prospective puppy playing and interacting with their offspring.

If the animal is being sold as a thoroughbred or born to registered parents, request scans of the parents’ registry along with all paperwork. Feel free to telephone the appropriate club or association of record to confirm the information.

4. Ask questions

If you’re trying to sell an animal online through pet classifieds, don’t be afraid to ask the prospective buyer questions. You want to make sure your prized horse, pup, bird or kitten is going to a good home, so don’t hesitate to ask about yard size or living conditions.

Buyers, the person selling you the animal should also be willing and ready to answer questions about everything from specific breed requirements to feeding suggestions to how they house and care for their animals.

Remember, the Internet is a great opportunity to connect with qualified breeders and buyers from around the world, but with that potential comes a certain responsibility. So get documentation, ask questions, get referrals, and access your online pet community.