How to Backup Current Settings Before Updating Android Home Screen

You must be ROOTED in order to quickly and easily back up all settings for a full restore to a different build. This is useful when running Android on a Windows Mobile device like the HD2, you can easily switch to different versions that come out weekly. Please note that this method only for any Android device. You can backup everything, home screen, messaging widget, plus your database.


A. Download Titanium Backup” from Android Market

B. The first time you open the program, check the “Problems?” button. will download the latest version of Busybox, added command line utilities used to back up data.

C. Tap “Backup/Restore”

D. Touch “Menu” button or hard button

E. Choose “Batch”

F. Tap “Run” next to “Backup all user apps + system data”

G. Leave all selected on this screen. We will selectively choose what to restore in our new construction. Having everything backed up means nothing will be lost.

H. Make sure to select “Remove Active Apps”

I. Tap “Run Batch Operation”

J. Tip: While this is running, tap the screen from time to time to make sure your phone doesn’t run out of power. just to be sure of any auto-killers that might be running

K. Reboot your phone

Restore: After changing builds: Remember: If you’re running on a WM device, download the APK for Titanium Backup first and place it in your Android app folder for easy access on your first boot.

A. Skip as many of your new Android setup screens as possible. No need to waste time here when you will be restoring with titanium.

B. Go to settings and set up your Google account.

B1. After placing the account, set it to NOT sync.

B2. Be sure to do this BEFORE entering the Market, or the sync will happen automatically. The reason for doing this is to avoid overwriting everything with titanium data.

C. Then go to “Settings -> Applications” and check “Unknown sources”

D. Repurchase Titanium Backup (unless you have the APK in your Android app folder) and press “Problems?” button to install on your new build.

E Press “Backup/Restore”

F. Press the “Menu” button (hard button)

G.Select “Batch”

H. Press “Run” next to “Restore missing apps + all system data”

J. If you are restoring the exact same build:

d1. Click “Select All”

d2. Choose “App + Data”

K. If you are restoring to a different build or upgrading to a new version of a build:

k1. Click “Deselect All”

k2. Choose “App + Data”

k3. Select all the green items (these are their settings)

k4. Select all crossed out items (these are the apps that are not included in your build)

k5. Select any other items that you know to be the same within your build and for which you want to restore the settings

L. Press “Run the batch operation”

M. For each application for which the installation message appears, press “Install” and then “Done”.

N. Reboot your Android phone

O. At the next boot, if you get “Problem loading device” on some widgets, you need to remove them from the home screen and reinstall them manually.