Free CEUs For Nurses – How to Get CEUs For Less

Free CEUs For Nurses

Whether you are looking for a way to obtain more CEUs or are just looking to reduce your costs, there are many resources online to help you achieve your goals. These free or low-cost resources include online nursing courses, continuing education, and more. Depending on your state requirements, you may be able to earn CEUs without having to pay a dime. If you are a nurse, you may want to consider pursuing these programs.

CEUs are a necessity for nursing professionals. They need to earn them annually or every two years to ensure their practice meets minimum standards. The requirements for CEUs for Nurses vary by state, profession, and nursing organization. While some states do not require nursing professionals to earn CEUs, they are a vital part of professional growth. By obtaining these programs, you can remain current and stay abreast of evolving nursing practices.


Attending a conference may be a good way to obtain your nursing CEUs. These events usually include networking opportunities, speakers who are thought leaders in their fields, and breakout sessions that are interactive and informative. These events also provide a great break from the daily routine of nursing, with the added benefit of nice hotel accommodations, room service, and fun nights in a new city. In addition to attending free or low-cost conferences, you can also take advantage of some free CEU resources online.

Free CEUs For Nurses – How to Get CEUs For Less

The cost of a course will vary from state to state. Some states require that nursing students obtain at least four CEUs to maintain their license. Others, however, have stricter requirements. Some require that CE be completed through a provider recognized by the state board of registered nursing. Some states have specific content requirements while others allow a higher level of freedom when it comes to the types of courses and topics. Additionally, some states do not require RNs to earn CEUs.

RNs and LPNs must complete at least 15 hours of approved CE every two years. These courses are designed to help them maintain their license by increasing their knowledge and skills. The courses should also be relevant to the work environment. For example, if an RN wants to continue practicing in a particular setting, he or she should take a course in HIV/AIDS. There are numerous options for these classes.

Aside from the cost, online courses offer some benefits. Keeping a record of CEUs is easy and efficient with the use of Excel, Microsoft Word, Dropbox, Evernote, and the Notes App on an iPhone. To ensure that you never lose a single CEU, regularly backup your records. To help track your credits, consider signing up for a Trusted profile. With this service, you can manage your credentials in one central location and easily add CEUs to your resume.

In addition to online courses, you can earn Nursing CEUs for less through other methods. The Delaware Board of Nursing accepts NetCE courses. For example, in order to maintain a license in Delaware, RNs must complete thirty hours of CE every two years. LPNs need to complete 24 hours each two years, whereas APRNs must obtain at least 30 hours every two years. Continuing Education for Nurses also includes courses on COVID-19 and three-hour drug diversion.