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For better or worse surprises

As the title indicates, I married with my eyes wide open and realized that there could be bumps during our years together, but I also knew that there would be tremendous joy. My husband is usually kind, caring, and very aware of me and my feelings, but every now and then there is a complete surprise for me. For better or for worse, I’m not always sure what my reaction should be. Curiosity? Anger? Stupification? Easy with great breath? All four sharply describe my latest reaction to him.

One of my New Years resolutions is to save money. You know that vacations and credit cards are close friends, I see it; I love you; I buy; I give it to you; repeat. While I remain deeply satisfied with the purchases I made for my family, I also realize that care must be taken in the months that follow in order to rebuild our bank account. My husband and I have always been thrifty and we like to know that we are ready for any inevitability. So I decided that one of the savings would be to cut my hair instead of spending $ 45. It had been cut before, so why not an encore?

I washed and combed my locks that had grown to a length that I could comfortably create a ponytail or stack it on top of my head with a chic touch. I’m not sure if long hair really flattered me, but I loved the boyish joy of swinging my hair while jogging or going about daily tasks. “About half an inch,” I stated while showing the measurement with my thumb and index finger. “Just a little off the extremes,” I continued.

Shoulders wrapped in a towel, he began. “Snip! Snip!” scissors rattled as he cut and then screeched, “It’ll grow back.”

With this statement I should have thrown in the towel and run away, however, I had faith in his abilities and so I let him continue. “Snup! Snup” the scissors repeated as it circled my left ear and headed for the back section. “Snuuuppp! Snuuuppp.” I knew this noise was not like the sounds of my usual stylist and curiosity piqued me, but confidence permeated me, so I allowed it to circle the back of my neck and slide towards my right ear and chin. “Very well!” he exclaimed with an air of pride.

“Thanks!” I stated as I prepared to shake off the towel and grab a waiter. “Oh my!” I screamed as I looked at the ground. “That’s not half an inch, it’s 3-4 four inches. What have you done?”

He replied, “Like I said, it will grow back.”

“I know,” I mumbled knowing it would take three years, my hair doesn’t grow fast. Tears overwhelmed me as I picked up the tangled bundle and tossed it in the trash. Stupid, I uttered, “What were you thinking?”

I spent the rest of the afternoon in pain and frustration, wondering why and how I had allowed this to happen. Every time I ran my fingers over my skull I relived the anguish when my fingers stopped dead. Well, they stopped in most places. At the back, in particular, I discovered strange remnants of previously long braids. The inability to cut my back on the head forced me to return again and again to Lynn so that she could continue with her finishing touches.

A long evening, frequent glimpses in the mirror, and a hard night’s sleep finally brought me some calm. After all, what can I do but wait 36 ​​months for the return of a super up-do? Saving money is important just as cutting shortcuts can be wise, however my haircut will be saved in an important way for someone else.