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Five Dollar Buffets in Las Vegas

Let me tell you, if you’re in Sin City, buying a local paper or reading local magazines will reward you with some buffet deals. If you’re not sure, you can often read or hear about those offers before you even read the documents. Once we found coupons for dollar buffet deals for Palace Station. Even if it’s not the best buffet in town, what can you eat or drink for a dollar these days?

The Palace Station Buffet, Palms Buffet, Main Street Station Buffet, and occasionally the Stratosphere, LV Hilton, Gold Coast, and Orleans Buffets will offer specials (always weekdays, never weekends) where you can eat for around $5 per person; a great bargain these days. There are other establishments off the Strip that offer you these great deals and you really need to keep an eye out for them when you are in this city. These deals are advertised on their own websites, published in local newspapers or magazines (some of them are free and you can find them everywhere in this city), or even on large billboards as you drive around this city. Always watch where you’re going because there are often specials off the Strip. During the week you’ll never have to eat at any off-Strip buffet for less than $10, often less if you have a player’s card.

Let me explain: a rewards card or player card will allow you to enjoy ‘member rates’. For example, an already cheap buffet like Gold Coast often lowers its rates for ‘members’ even further. You may have to pay a little over five bucks, but you’re essentially guaranteed to eat for next to nothing at most off-Strip establishments.

The Stratosphere complex (which is on the Strip, albeit on the north side) also occasionally has specials, and with the very good Main Street Station, they actually offer good food for the low price.

From what you can find, Orleans and the Gold Coast are very popular with older folks and locals (they have specials that are easier for locals to find); if you are not looking for gourmet food, here you will eat quite well for a modest price. The salad section is probably the poorest of the sections, but all the other sections include the average food you’re used to finding at average (or low-end) buffets, like a small American, Mexican, Asian, pasta, pizza and some. cooked vegetables (not many) or soups.

The Main Street Station is, among low-cost buffets, the best in Las Vegas by far. In fact, it offers a great selection of dishes and the quality is better than other low-priced buffets.

LV Hilton is a very small buffet but they offer very good daily grilled fish, shellfish, mountains of artichokes (in a decent salad section) and delicious rice pudding. If you’re not looking to eat a wide variety of foods, this may be a good option if you’re in the area.

The Palace Station Buffet: Probably one of the low-priced buffets in town. Scratching the change in your purse will probably get you enough money to pay for this buffet. Therefore, considering what we have just said, your expectations will not be disappointed. It’s better than you’d expect, considering the price. They line up here for the made-to-order burgers and fries, for example, though you can enjoy carne asada, a decent salad section, and a few other dishes too (they change quite often) including the ubiquitous pasta, Mexican dishes, asians etc.

The Palms used to be a pretty good buffet but recently they reduced their prices to attract the locals and unfortunately also decided to offer lower quality food than before. Everything was either too salty or just not cooked right, at least not to our liking. If they solve this problem, this may be a good option if you’re in the area.