Examples of Successful Tech Intrapreneurs and Their Achievements

Examples of Successful Tech Intrapreneurs

Modern tech companies need employees who think beyond the terms of their contract and whose drive to achieve goes far above the limits of their role. These individuals are often called intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurs possess the dynamic qualities of entrepreneurs but they use their skills in-house to push their company forward in new and surprising ways. They are the lifeblood of innovation in many high-growth technology businesses.

The success of intrapreneurs is often overlooked because they don’t have the same air of celebrity that entrepreneurs do. Most people only hear about the big entrepreneurs who strike it rich with their innovative ideas, however, successful intrapreneurs are just as important to the world of business. These are the people who think outside of the box and are not afraid to stand up to authority. They have a unique ability to make their own path and are highly respected for their contributions.

You can probably find a tech intrapreneur Post-it note on your desk and you likely use Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. These are all products that were created by intrapreneurs at their respective companies. They may have been incubated in a separate division within the company or they may have been developed through hackathons.

Examples of Successful Tech Intrapreneurs and Their Achievements

Some of the most successful intrapreneurs are able to bring their visions to fruition by creating an entire department or even a subsidiary spinoff company. This is a major achievement that requires them to have the right skills and to work effectively with other departments.

They are able to create a team around them that will back their ideas and give them the freedom to execute them. Intrapreneurs also need to have the resilience that comes with being an entrepreneur and know that their ideas may not always be a hit. They have to learn how to deal with rejection and find other avenues to take their ideas to market.

Intrapreneurs are often able to tap into the passion, creativity and drive of the rest of the company. They will inspire others to want to get involved in their projects. They can also create an environment where everyone feels they have the power to change things for the better.

It is not only technology companies that need intrapreneurs but they are also found in the most traditional industries. For example, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works is well-known for developing some of the most advanced military aircraft models including the SR-71 Blackbird and F-22 Raptor. These are all the result of intrapreneurship by their engineers.

Intrapreneurship is becoming more and more important as technology continues to disrupt many industries. The best way for a business to remain competitive is to encourage intrapreneurs at all levels of the company. It is the only way that the company will continue to grow and survive in this fast-changing world.