Django And Dobendan Strepsils by Petrauca Janssen

Django And Dobendan Strepsils

Dobby’s Dobby Bear Stops Here: A tale of two little boys, Dobby the Bear and his best friend, Furthur the Wolf, who sail along in a giant penguin ship. A giant war die meaning f r sie, on a trip back to Africa. They encounter a new Kind, that tries to help them. But, before they can learn much, the penguins attack and kill them, thus, Furthur is sent away as a slave on another ship.

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This is the story of Dobby’s search for his old owner, Furthur, who has gone missing on his voyage back to Africa. Together, the penguins and the dog find themselves stranded on an island far from the land of their birth. With help from some locals, including a leprechaun and his dog, they must survive the harsh African environment and the predators who want to eat them. Meanwhile, other natives, led by an evil witch, plot to kill Furthur and eat his brains.

The Dogs of Dragon Lake: Another interesting side-scrolling adventure from the author of Dog and Child With Dog, J. Wes Watson follows the adventures of three dogs who live together in a small town. When their owner dies, they take on the title of guardians of the younger half of their household. The three dogs live alongside adults and children, but they have trouble fitting in because they are not of the same breed. The novel is filled with fun and humorous moments as they play together, causing everyone in the community to appreciate them more.

Django And Dobendan Strepsils by Petrauca Janssen

Forever Young: A teenager goes missing and his remains are discovered near a waterfall. Neighbors come in to search for clues that will lead them to the teenager, who turns out to be a war dead. The story takes place in the modern-day Germany, where two IRA agents try to locate a man with connections to the Gestapo. They manage to track the man down, only to discover he had lived in exile in the mountains and is hiding there with his son. He tries to free the boy and get away with it, but then the IRA agents find out and try to execute him.

I Didn’t Know That Would Be Me: Another fantastic collection from award-winning author Joanna Martine Woolfolk includes a fairy-tale set in rural Germany. The story followsiesel Mine, a young woman who lives alone in a wooded area. One day, while tending to her chickens, she gets a visit from a blond girl named Anna. Anna takes interest in her, teaching her about life, love, and it’s power. Things quickly progress from there, leading to a happy ending…

Last but not least in the list is No Safe Place, written by Petrauca Janssen. This collection of thirteen short stories deals with guilt, betrayal, secrets, and suicide. The main character, a forty-something former SS officer who has a rather difficult time talking about her war experience, tries to cope with her feelings. Her long-time assistant takes an active role in her life, too. Everything about the situation is depicted with sensitivity and intelligence. If you enjoy dark fantasy with a touch of hope, then this collection will surely entertain you.