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David deangelo dating book review for guys

To tell the truth, there are far more singles today than ever before! And unlike the previous generation, people are staying single much longer. Well into my twenties and thirties.

Of course there are many reasons for this. As if you want to establish your career first before thinking about family. There are many reasons why guys wait even longer. Unfortunately, the longer men wait, the harder it is for them to get up to speed on how to approach and date women they’d like to meet for a potential long-term relationship or even marriage.

And that’s the reason for David DeAngelo’s dating book. To help guys get up to date for appointments as quickly and effectively as possible.

You see, as we get older, we pay more attention to our forms. We find it increasingly difficult to meet quality people and even find the time to date them. So if you find yourself alone on the couch watching TV on a Friday or Saturday night and ask yourself, “What if?”

Well, instead of wondering, you could become proactive and find ways to get dates so you can go out and enjoy yourself and even improve your love life.

The missing ingredients for most men (if not all) is confidence, social skills, and dating skills. And David DeAngelo will absolutely help you with that when you’re reading his classic book, Double Your Dating.

I can tell you right away that going to bars, nightclubs and other very public places to find girls for dates is much more difficult than ever. Especially if you haven’t dated anyone in a while. Some guys are very lucky. But my observation has been that most guys don’t. It’s too hard to take in all the noise and lights of a bar and expect a woman to want to get to know you a little better.

There is a much, much easier way. And that is meeting women during the day when they are most receptive to a sincere guy who approaches them coldly. Guts is needed, which is an area most men have trouble with. That’s where trust comes in.

And do you know something? Even though we are blessed with all kinds of modern technology, we are still more alone than ever. And you may even feel like there is no hope that you will ever meet a high-quality woman who would love to meet you. Well, I’m telling you, they’re absolutely out there. And you wonder where the hell are all the good ones?

That would be you! But you need to package yourself, so to speak, to be the dream guy that girls love. And David DeAngelo says that women are attracted to men because of their behavior. It’s about how you talk. How do you introduce yourself? And how you respond to situations.

It seems difficult, but not when you read David DeAngelo’s dating book. You will discover and understand for yourself exactly how to become the guy who will also attract women. But you will not change yourself. I hope you understand. You will not transform into someone you do not like. For example, you don’t have to be a lying liar. Or some libertine. Or even a player.

Those are extreme versions of the boys. But being the masculine version of yourself that is extremely attractive to high-quality women takes a bit of practice. And you will still like yourself.