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Cruise Staterooms: 8 Things to Avoid When Choosing a Cruise Stateroom

One of the most important decisions when booking a sailing cruise is which stateroom to book. Your choice of cruise ship staterooms can make or break your vacation.

To make the best decision, the first thing you’ll want to do is find the boat design, either online or in a brochure. There you will see an overview of the ship’s decks, the location of the cruiser’s staterooms along with interior floor plan diagrams.

There will also be a list of the different categories of cruise cabins. On a very large cruise line ship there may be more than 20 categories.

The quality and cost of your cruise cabin is determined by three things: its location, size, and type.

The way you feel about your cruise will be determined primarily by the rent from your cruise cabin.

Cruise cabins on the upper deck


  • The views are pretty.
  • cons

  • Because these cruise ship staterooms are closer to the sundeck and pool deck, they will generally cost more.
  • Imagine that you are sitting on top of a pendulum and it is swinging back and forth. This is what an upper deck cruising experience can feel like, especially in rough waters. The higher your deck, the more you will feel the movement of the ocean.
  • Lower deck cruise cabins


  • You will have a smoother navigation in rough seas.
  • They are the most affordable cruise cabins. Reserve one and you will save hundreds of dollars.
  • cons

  • You’ll be the furthest away from most activities, so you’ll have more stairs to climb and more elevators to ride.
  • You could also hear the noise of the anchor and the noise of the engine. This is especially true on an older cruise line ship. These noises can be very irritating to the nerves.
  • bow cruiser cabins


  • magnificent views.
  • cons

  • If you want to feel like a real sailor, especially in rough seas, book a cruise cabin in the bow.
  • aft cruiser cabins


  • You will feel less movement in the cruise ship cabins at the rear of the ship.
  • You will have a beautiful view of where you have been.
  • cons

  • You will often give up your privacy because the restaurants and lounges often open onto the balconies of these cabins. People will look down on you while you sunbathe.
  • Amidships Cruise Staterooms


  • These cruise ship staterooms tend to be less crowded.
  • cons

  • They often go for a premium.
  • If you book a cabin in the middle of the ship, make sure you are not near the lifeboats or tenders because they will block your view. Bids are pretty loud when they go up and down.

    Take a look at what’s above, below, and to the side of your cabin. You usually want to be surrounded by other cabins.

    It doesn’t matter what deck you’re on, or if you’re forward or aft, or somewhere in between, unless you like to stay up all night, there are some places you definitely want to avoid.

    Do not book a cruise cabin that is close to (or below):

  • a dance floor
  • the pool
  • a kitchen area
  • a restaurant that is open all night
  • the gym
  • a service elevator – you will hear a lot of noise.
  • Doctor’s office and cleaning areas: Your hallway will be cluttered with people or supplies.
  • And if you want privacy, steer clear of an ocean-view stateroom on a promenade deck. Passers-by always look towards these cruise ship cabins.