Benefits of using a free IP address lookup site

When you enter the website at the URL of the browser’s web address, the browser connects to the web server and converts it to the internet protocol number and then the website is displayed in the browser. If you want to know the location of the server on which a particular website is hosted, you need to find out its IP address. By obtaining the IP, you can get to know the location of the web server, the company name, and various useful information. There are many websites on the Internet that allow you to find out the IP address in seconds.

All you need to do is enter the domain in the search field on the IP finder site page and hit the Enter button. Below you will see useful information about the hosting service and the server. You can get country and city information from the hosting service that hosts that site. You can know the name of the hosting company. You can also know the ISP they use. Without the zip code information, you can also find out your physical address. In addition, you can also see a Google map image that will show you the location of the web server on the map.

If your website receives a lot of spam comments from someone, you can use the IP finder site to track the location of that person who is posting those comments. You can get to know the IP of the person who is making spam comments through your web host or through a popular CMS program like WordPress. Once you know which IP you are getting those comments from, you can block those IP addresses and your site will be spam free. If the user uses a dynamic IP, which means they don’t have a constant IP, they can simply block a range of IP addresses and the entire range will be blocked.

Another purpose of using the IP finder is to know the Internet service provider you are using and its IP address. Most people don’t know your IP address. When you open an IP address lookup site, you will notice that the site automatically displays your IP address and information such as country, city, and ISP name. This way, you can find the ISP information of any computer.

You can also use the IP Finder site to ping IP. If the ping is successful, the site or remote computer is available. This tool is very important to test the connectivity and data transmission speed between the sender and the receiver.