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Before hiring a plumber, here are some things to know

A plumber is not something you need every day. But when you need it, it’s something you need right away. So here are some tips for hiring a plumber.

Where to find a plumber

Finding a plumber is not that easy. However, online directories like can help you find a plumber in your area. Google is also another search option. In any case, there are several online directories to choose from.

Beware of negative reviews

One or two negative reviews shouldn’t deter you from hiring a plumber. But more than that (or no reviews) could be a problem. Read the reviews to get a better idea of ​​people’s feelings.

Discover plumbers fees

Of course, you may not know in advance what a plumber will charge if you don’t know what the problem is yourself. But when you call or email a plumber, you can give them an idea of ​​the problem in general and they will give you an idea. For example, you can tell them you have a leaky faucet or a leaky toilet or whatever, and they should give you an idea of ​​the cost. Of course, the fee can depend on whether the plumber comes in on the weekend or late at night.

Find out if the plumber is licensed

Probably when you search for a plumber through Yelp, they will have a website that will give you their credentials. There you can see what tests the plumber has passed to obtain his license. Some states do not require licenses, so you can ask the plumber if they have a permit if one is not listed on their site.

Find out if the plumber is linked

This must be a must. A plumber could hurt himself on the job, and you don’t want to be held responsible if he does. Therefore, the plumber you hire must be insured and insured.

Will the plumber guarantee his work?

When hiring a plumber, all the repairs you make must be guaranteed. If they replace parts, find out how long the parts warranty lasts.

What is the duration of your experience?

There are different types of experience for plumbers. They range from apprentices to experts. While it is probably best to hire the master plumber, it is probably the most expensive as well. So it depends on what you are comfortable with.

Some final thoughts

Hiring a plumber can be a scary experience. It’s something you probably don’t do very often.

So choosing the right plumber can be tricky. Plus, it depends on what you need the plumber for – is this a one-time job to fix a leaky faucet, or is it a significant remodel job to completely recondition your pipes?

In any case, if you search an online directory like Yelp, or just googling, you will probably find some good options in your area for your plumbing needs. Hopefully, they’ll have a website for you to review, so good luck with your plumber search.