Auto insurance in Texas

Lone Star state law requires all drivers to carry liability insurance. Also, if money is still owed on the car, lenders require drivers to also have collision and comprehensive coverage. Texas auto insurance policies cover damage, injury, and other losses that are posted to your policy. Every now and then, check your policy and look for the exclusions section that lists all the things it doesn’t cover for. Familiarize yourself with the Declarations page (policy cover) which lists important information such as your policy number and coverage / deductible amounts.

Texas Auto Insurance is supplemented by an Auto Insurance Consumer Bill of Rights. Geico, State Farm, or any other auto insurance company in Texas can send you a copy of your policy or policy renewal, which you should read to find out how Texas law covers it.

Texas Drivers Statement of Responsibilities

All Texas drivers must show proof of financial responsibility when it comes to paying for their at fault accidents. Auto liability insurance is the key for most Texas drivers. Under Texas law, each injured person has a minimum coverage of $ 20,000 and up to $ 40,000 for everyone involved in the accident, in addition to $ 15,000 in property damage. In Texas, this form of coverage is called ’20 / 40/15 ‘coverage. However, many Texas drivers may find that basic coverage is not adequate enough. Buy more than the basic policy if you think you will one day be liable for an accident (poor show of confidence, but necessary!)

The penalties for violations of the financial responsibility laws of the state of Texas are strict. A fine of between $ 175 and $ 350 is the penalty for your first offense. Additional offenses can result in fines of $ 350 to $ 1000, driver’s license suspension, and possession of your vehicle by the state.