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Applause – A Motivation

“A little clapping sound makes a magical difference after a thousand rupee note.”

Motivation is a kind, positive nudge for a person to move forward to achieve their needs and desires. Early 80s Y 90’s the term Motivation was not held in higher terms or used broadly. But as time changed, people felt and saw the magic of motivation. It became a term that began to be widely used in both professional and personal life. Motivation is one of those terms that has a great explanation and little meaning. It can be widely explored, reviewed and compiled.

Motivation – in a broader sense

Motivation must start at the door of an organization, from the first day of the new entry to the last day of service. Motivation can be done at any stage of your service and employment. It has no connection to his designation. It is also seen in two broad ways: self-motivation and praise motivation. Self-motivation is a motivation in which an employee aspires from the environment and the initiatives carried out or carried out in a close environment. It is one of the best ways to aspire the employee. Like if an employee seems like their colleague is getting extra attention or has been rewarded in terms of applause, thank you letters or money, etc. by management and others, you are automatically motivated to work in the same direction where you could gain more credibility as others are gaining.

Motivation can be done in an endless number of ways, but one must always remember to do it the right way and in the right way. Employees are often motivated towards the wrong things,

For example, if one employee takes uninformed leave, which often happens and management never bothers to take any action or doesn’t act on such behavior, another employee is motivated to do the same.

motivation mode

As indicated above, motivation can be done in any way. I like it: –

Dreams are motivation. – dreams are a kind of motivation that anyone can see without limits.

Praise is a motivation. – Simple words from your boss like VERY GOOD or GREAT JOB are a highly effective form of motivation.

Shopping is a motivation. – people are motivated to buy new things while shopping.

Love – Love is a motivation that has the greatest impact in achieving the desires of loved ones.

Success – one is motivated to achieve success by what makes his success a motivation.



Films – entertainment



Etc are many few of the forms of motivation.

Motivation – an adoption and a Satisfaction

Today, motivation is also part of self-evaluation, self-esteem and behavioral posture.

Motivation = behavioral stance

Motivation = Self-esteem

Motivation = Self-assessment

So many times we see and ask why a human being or an animal is involved in a certain or specific set of actions (criminals, actors, businesses, services, etc.)

What is the motivation behind that action? Let me explain the answer to you.

Every human being has their own specific brain. They like to enjoy what they believe and what they want to believe. It is generally and commonly considered that the Doctor’s son will be a doctor; The lawyer’s son will be a lawyer. These are the norms that others generally think for others. For example, a doctor’s son/daughter will have a different environment in her house than in a lawyer’s house. Parents want their children to adopt the same profession in which they are involved. So, the motivation of the environment and the environment motivates a child to behave, adopt and act accordingly.

Motivation is also an important part of self-esteem. Self-esteem makes you more confident and direct in your communication and thinking. People want to be motivated to boost their morale and they want to be confident like everyone else. To show off they are motivated to be confident to increase their self-esteem. The same goes for self-assessment.

Self-assessment is a concerned sister of self-esteem, and again, motivation is one of the great ways to achieve a sense of self-assessment.

For, for example, the analysis of the choice of what you want to wear?

I would like to present an example that will illustrate the utility of the type of motivational analysis illustrated in the article. Most of us like to dress up even without any special occasion. What are the favorite dresses? Colors: black, blue, orange, etc. Jeans or pants? Shirts or t-shirts? Long or minimal skirt? etc. When we dress according to our own desire, we develop a feeling of looking beautiful or handsome, which gives us more confidence or increases self-esteem, which takes us to the seventh level of heaven. The feeling of being noticed for the known and the unknown, receiving compliments, feeling comfortable makes one fall apart in the sky. The feeling of being noticed by others motivates us to do the same thing over and over again as it starts to give us immense pleasure and satisfaction, which in turn boosts our confidence and boosts our self-esteem. A motivated, different and positive behavior is also appreciated in a satisfied person.

Motivation – a sense of achievement.

So how can you create a better environment for yourself and your employees? What can you do differently to motivate your employees? A very good response is APPLAUSE. As said before, applause is one of the best ways to motivate any human being, especially if it is done in front of others/co-workers/acquaintances. Like if an employee performs well and his employer just visit his work desk with another high authority, surprise and applaud there, in front of others, team members, imagine……, the kind of satisfaction and credibility he gains an employee. Such motivation is a push for an employee to achieve/win her goals and objectives towards her organization, which is one of the best ways among other means of motivation. It is human nature and it is proven that the human being does not win for himself, he wins to show others. It is a nature of the human being, who is always hungry for praise; they are never satisfied with what they get, they always want more and more. So, the feeling of being recognized in the eyes of others is the best way to achieve credibility and that’s why Applause spreads magic.


Before saying goodbye once again, I will say that motivation cannot be done only by rewarding an employee, not only by giving money, but a small clap is more powerful.

To support my article, I would like to include some quotes:

or See a sunrise.

o People often say that motivation does not last. Well, bathing either, that’s why we recommend it daily.

o Desire creates power.

o Those who want to achieve and win championships get motivated.

o Inspirations never enter into prolonged commitments; they demand immediate marriage with the action.

With love and affection,