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Advantages of an Android TV Box

Android TV boxes have suddenly become very popular. Although companies like Apple and Roku have sold many set-top boxes, another option has hit the market: the Android TV box. Also known as “Google TV” or XBMC Steaming player, these devices are simple. They are available for as little as $ 60 and up to $ 100.

This Android device is a small box-shaped product that measures approximately 5 inches wide and 2 inches tall.

This product has access to applications and functions that you can find on other Android devices. However, you can run a variety of apps, games, and even an Android web browser.

Advantages of buying Android TV Box

The question is should you buy an Android TV box? With the variety of functions it can perform, including downloading apps from the Google Play store, you won’t be able to stay away from it for long. They are reliable and their hardware is as good as the Roku or Apple TV. The supplied remote is excellent and they can play 1080p video quite fluently.

These devices are a great investment for people who love to tweak their definition of fun. People who just want to watch videos can buy other simpler devices. It’s like the difference between having a mobile with push buttons and one with a touch screen. What technology would you prefer?

Due to popular demand, the Android TV box market is growing. But the problem is where to find quality products, since most of those available on the market are quite mediocre. However, you can buy them from online stores. There are many Chinese products that have hit the market. They are cheap, they are not a deal breaker, and they work easily for a long time.

This device has an advantage over an HDMI device. The box has additional connectivity options, while for the device you need at least one USB hub to be useful.

The main reason the Android TV box is more popular is because other devices come with a lot of restrictions. These devices are only adapted to specific platforms.

Understand your requirement

It is important to know that not all Android TV boxes are created equal. So you may need to buy a box that supports more than 1GB of RAM, if that’s what you need. Basically, you have to understand what functionalities you are looking for before spending any money.