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3 Tips on How to Find Time for Yourself as a Single Mom

If you’re a new single mom trying to juggle work, kids, and extracurricular activities and you need some time to yourself, here are some ways to shake up a few things at home and find time for yourself as a single mom. If all of your children are under the age of six, set up regular down time for them after dinner where each child has personal time with you and can talk about whatever your child wants to talk about, or even read to you a story. Your child should always feel safe and secure and have time alone with you.

The child should have a regular routine and know that once Mommy has talked to her in her room, it is time for bed. Tell your child that when he’s in his room and the door is closed, he doesn’t want to be disturbed. His children may resist, but in time they will accept him. It is important that you establish rules and times to play, study, chat as a family at the dinner table and sleep. There is no reason why your children under the age of six should be up past seven o’clock. They don’t have to be asleep, but they need to be in their room and in bed.

Children need order; they just don’t know it and respond well to routine if the activities are balanced. She has been alone with her children, and after her father picks them up at his house to spend the afternoon with him or spend the night at his house, she has felt lonely and sad. Don’t play into this excitement and get depressed, but look at the time they are with their dad as a great opportunity for you to sew that little outfit you’ve always wanted or to connect with some of your friends. Every single mom has to download and it would be a great idea to join a single parent group where she can meet people just like you and discuss the issues you all have in common. Being away from your children for a few hours is stimulating for them and good for you, since it gave you time to think and put your life in order. Actually, you should consider the children’s time with their father as something positive, since he provides time for you.

Everyone needs to interact with other people, and if you like books, you might like to start a book club that requires everyone to read a book every two weeks and then meet over coffee and cake to discuss the book to see if everyone has and I understood what the author was trying to say with the book. It can be a fiction book or a novel where you talk about the character and the inciting incident of the story, and just a fun way to entertain yourself. You will expect to see your friends every two weeks. If your friendship is such that you’re babysitting each other’s kids when one of you wants to go out, you both have a reliable babysitter for when you want to go out to a movie with a friend.